10 Health Benefits of Escape Room Games10 Health Benefits of Escape Room Games

Escape rooms are the most excellent new-gen live-action game right now. There has been a lot of buzz around the benefits of escape rooms. Both mental and physical. But what exactly are these escape rooms? Escape rooms are the live-action experience of escape room 

situations. You will have to team up with other players in an escape room and enter a locked room. Inside the room, you will have to search for clues and solve puzzles to escape from the room. The usual time limit is around 60 minutes, but variations exist depending on the escape room. Since there will be a particular theme and scenario for the room, you may also have to complete some missions related to the system. 

The immersive themes, unique gameplay, and collaborative elements of an escape room have drawn in a vast crowd. These days, virtual escape rooms have also become popular in the entertainment and gaming industry. Escape rooms teach us several essential life skills. But did you know escape rooms have several health benefits as well? Since the introduction of escape rooms in the early 2000s till date, escape rooms have exhibited several health benefits. 

Here are the top 10 health benefits of escape room games: 

Changes in your mood 

Escape rooms are a fun break from reality—the myriads of escape room themes like mystery, thriller, science fiction, supernatural, and much more. Every little progress or receiving every little piece of the puzzle will improve your mood. Every little breakthrough is one step closer to victory. This leads to the release of the dopamine hormone, which brings a rush of good feelings into your brain. Whether it is the satisfaction of a good game or the tension of the clock ticking inside the room, escape rooms change your mood. 

Stress buster 

Stress is a driving force for all of us. Stressing on a particular aspect leads to improvement in that specific aspect. But too much stress can be detrimental to our health. This is why we need safe and recreational stress busters to help us eliminate stress. Escape room games are a great way of relieving stress through entertainment. In a high-tension situation like an escape game, it is natural to feel stressed, but the best course of overcoming it is through escaping the room. 

Improves your memory 

In an escape room, you need to put clues together and solve puzzles to break out of the room. This is an excellent way of improving your memory retention skills. Escape room games require you to remember basic storylines and room layouts and recognize patterns to solve the puzzles. You will also be required to recall information about different stages of the game. So, escape rooms help improve your memory retention skills. 

Improves pattern recognition 

Escape rooms require you to connect the dots to form a complete picture. This picture takes the form of a puzzle. You must solve the puzzles by recognizing minor details and familiar patterns. There will be a pattern in how the puzzles take shape, or the form clues are hidden. If you can realize these plot points well, you will break out in no time. Escape rooms go a long way toward improving your pattern recognition skills. 

Improves your logic and reasoning skills 

In an escape room, you must use your logic and reasoning skills to break out of the room. When trying to find the clues and solve the puzzles, you will require knowledge of maths, science, and the like. It will also be necessary to decide on the general logic and flow of the concepts. Thus, escape rooms improve your logic and reasoning skills well. 

Increases your creativity 

Escape rooms encourage thinking outside the box. Escape rooms are designed to be approachable by almost all age groups, but some puzzles are just unique. There will be red herrings and unpredictable answers. So, the best advice in an escape room is to channel your creative thinking abilities. Thus, escape rooms improve the creative half of your brain. 

Increases physical activity 

Any kind of exercise will bring improvement in your health. Every 10 minutes of physical activity will count towards your health. The 60 minutes (or more) inside the locked room will provide ample physical exercise opportunities. You may not attempt heavy lifting, but you must be quick at your feet and do some physical activities to escape the room. 

Improves communication skills 

Escape rooms are a team-building exercise. You will need to form a group of 2-10 (depending on the game) irrespective of your prior interaction with each other. You must communicate and coordinate well to break out within the time limit. You will need to divide the roles and discuss every little detail that pops up while planning the breakout. Thus, escape rooms help improve your communication skills. 

It stimulates the senses 

Escape rooms are not just about the locked room experience. The game encompasses everything from themes to the game scenario to the setup. When you enter the escape room, you take in the music, visuals, background audio, lighting, and much more. The escape games are not only a good exercise for your brain, but they are also a sensory treat. Everything about an escape room is meant to stimulate the senses and create an immersive experience for everyone. 

Provides you satisfaction 

There is no other satisfaction that beating the odds in an escape room. When you escape the space within the allotted time limit, you emerge victorious, which is a satisfying end. But it is also essential to understand that there is nothing wrong with losing a game. You just need to practice again and again until you master it. After all, practice makes perfect. 

A recreational yet educational game like an escape room has several health benefits. If our article was not convincing enough, perhaps you can give an escape room a try and see for yourself! 



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