Singapore Preschool

You want the finest for your Kid, but how do you know whether the facility you’re considering matches your criteria and will help your child develop socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally? Regarding the education system is such a significant factor in a child’s cognitive needs, choosing a school may be both thrilling and intimidating for some parents.

Consequently, here are 10 questions to consider while looking for the ideal Singapore preschool for your child. 


Does the school speak for itself?

The first thing to consider is to look at the vision, mission, and core values of the school you are opting for your child. Understanding the concept, teaching, and learning model followed by history, management, and board will give you a glimpse of the school’s education standards. Further, going through the school’s curriculum and programs will provide an in-depth idea about the flexibility and personalized academic path that you can choose for your child as per your preference.


Teachers play a vital role.

Your junior’s first interaction with their teacher can make or break his interest in education and learning. A preschool teacher’s job description includes teaching classes and assisting your children in becoming more sociable and interacting with one another. Every English school in Singapore has a set of trained, adaptive, and dedicated teachers experienced in child evolution.


What are the teaching/learning methods?

Some of the top schools in Singapore follow cognitive and holistic learning programs suiting 21st-century requirements. These programs are combined with sports, arts, skills, and values to bring an age-appropriate learning experience that is child friendly. Such programs not only cater to building fundamental pillars for your child’s literacy but also impact his future motor and expressive skills. 


Details on futuristic curriculum 

Schools in Singapore that have supported the following curriculum have made modern education much more accessible, fun, and friendly for the children. Preschoolers evolve in their initial years; thus, entangling them in curious activities makes them ready to face the challenges of the changing world.


Does it meet my needs?

Although the institution is the most prominent, you may eventually regret your decision if it fails to provide the necessities for your family. The questions listed below should be answered, and your requirements met. Do you think you’ll be able to work during the preschool hours? Is the location appropriate for your needs?


Does it meet my child’s needs?

Finding out how the school staff handles all of these fundamental requirements and then deciding if the policies will work for your Kid is crucial for children beginning preschool.


Admission process

A stress-free admission procedure is essential for getting your child enrolled in the school of your choice. You may get a general view of how the school’s admissions process works and educate yourself on the procedures required to avoid any confusion or extra work at the end.


Keep safety in check.

Children may look forward to attending school in a supportive environment that encourages social and artistic growth. Children are constantly at risk, and if their safety is not maintained, they may stop turning up.


Classroom composition and atmosphere

The number of teachers in the classroom and the size of the class will influence how much individual attention your preschooler will receive. If you value diversity, look at the student body and ask if it is a priority for the institution.



Some schools have all-inclusive fees, while others need extra payments during the year for activities, field excursions, instructional materials, and other goods. As a consequence, it’s vital to keep track of your funds.

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