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A logo is a super cool representation of a business idea. The only emblem that has the power to grab the audience’s attention using attractive glances. It is the general representation of the overall brand’s credibility. Think about the time when you just saw Coca-Cola or Pepsi logos and just craved for it. But why do you do so? Because it is all due to its logo that influences your mind.

It is all because their logos are so famous to grab attention from all around the globe. You can’t even imagine how powerful logos are, especially when they have a unique identity. You can easily create such an identity by connecting your brand with a logo designing company muscat.

Below we are going to discuss some mind-blowing and fascinating facts about logos that give you chills. There are intriguing truths about some of the world’s famous brands and their hidden messages behind them. So without waiting further, let’s dive in!

1- Amazon is the most recognizable logo in the world

In the world of e-commerce, there is probably no one who doesn’t know what Amazon is. Its e-commerce logos design is listed among the top logos designs as of now followed by Google and Apple. Billions of people across all over the world use e-commerce services and are satisfied with their best services.

2- Nike’s swoosh was designed in 17.5 hours

The graphic designer that created Nike’s logo was super talented at that time. The Nike logo design was not as easy it looks now. It has a lot of amendments and now we only see a swoosh without having the text of Nike on the logo.

3- What does the mermaid in Starbucks mean?

Starbuck was first founded in Seattle, the USA back in 1971. This mermaid’s two tails connected the idea of Seattle’s seaport roots. From now, many changes in the logo of Starbucks have been done now without compromising its real nature. That is why it allures its customers with its c=great charm and fresh beverages.

4- BBC new logo has cost $1.8 Million

BBC has decided to get rid of their old logo which was last designed back in 1997. It cost 1.8 million due to its impolicy. Simplicity costs as much as you can imagine. The main creator of their logo was Eric Gill in 1932.

5- Sony VAIO has a cool message in their logo

Everybody has used Sony Vaio’s products. The most used electronics Japanese product in the world. Its Vaio logo has some unique meaning. The waves that show V and A are representing “Analog waves’ ‘, while the last two alphabets I and O are considered as 10 which means a “Digital signal”, isn’t it cool?

6- The Tostitos has two friends eating chips

Have you ever noticed the two friends standing on Tostitos logos dipping snacks in salsa? Basically, the idea of making this representation is to promote friendship among people. They feel relaxed while eating it. These tortilla chips are now famous worldwide due to the tier logo.

7- Adidas striping logo represents the challenge

You always wonder what the three stripes mean in the Adidas logo right? The three stripes mean that after wearing their shoes, you can easily climb the mountain. The logo showcases the quality and gripping that their shoes hold.

8- What do the dots on Domino’s pizza represent?

Domino Pizza was first founded in 1960. The dominoes on its logos which contain three dots on it represent its branches. At that time it had only three branches but with time, the business grew too fast that it couldn’t become possible.

9- LG logo depicts a face

The LG logo ultimately shows the face of the human setting letter strategically. The electronic mobile company has set a small dot on the left of L so that it looks like a human face. The LG also means Life’s Good!

10- What does the bird in Twitter’s logo represent?

You may become shocked as Twitter’s logo came after the name of a football player who played for the Boston Celtics. The company’s co-founder Biz Stone came from Boston and was named after this. If we talk about the bird in the emblem, it flies up high signifies that companies go higher from time to time. Did you know this fact?

11- Why does Facebook have a blue color on its logo?

The reason behind Facebook’s logo is that Mark Zuckerberg is color blind and he can’t see colors properly. This became difficult for him to differentiate between red and green colors so he chose to set blue colors as a primary color on Facebook’s logo.

12- There is actually a pin on Pinterest’s logo

The logo of Pinterest has actually a pin on its letter P. This idea represents that you can pin images or videos on your wall. Thousands of Pinterest users haven’t known the fact right?

Summing up

This blog has covered some of the fun facts about logo designs and how famous companies have created their excellent logos. This is obvious that there ain’t no overnight success, you have to remain consistent, courageous, and passionate to achieve your desired goal in your business.

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