Facial Sunscreens

Your face is the main area that exposes UAV rays of the sun every now and then. That’s why, it is imperative to protect it with the help of Facial Sunscreens, not just during outdoor activities. Even when you are indoors, UVA rays can infiltrate through windows, provoking sun damage and breaking down collagen. Some evidence also indicates that blue light emits from computer or smartphone screens causes severe damage to the face and areas under the eyes. For maximum face protection from exposure to sunlight, many specialists recommend the use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen. According to dermatologists, the prime hours to apply sunscreen to your face are from 10 am to 4 pm. This applies every day, no matter whether its’ sweltering summer or chilly winter.

The type of sunscreen you choose matters also. Some sunscreens may be made of chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. Sometimes the Sun Protection Factor in them may not be high enough to guard your face against harmful ultra violet rays. Getting the accurate sunscreen for your skin type can be tricky. To narrow your hunt, here is a list of the top four sunscreens that save your face from damaging UVA/UVB rays and make it fresh in every season.


1- Vitamin C Glow-protect Lotion SPF 30

From protecting your face from sun exposure to making it Soft and smooth, this one is Ideal. Its daily use keeps your face hydrated and leaves your face looking glowing. This glow lotion contains Vitamin C, SPF30 with UVA and UVB protection. It transforms the gloomy, tired, grumpy face into livelier and more radiant appearance. You can buy this product and many more at reasonable price by clicking on The Body Shop Promo Code.

2- Vitamin E Day Lotion SPF30

Powered with Bio fermented Hyaluronic Acid, this is a light weight milky formula that leaves no white cast. It keeps your face moisturized for 48 hours. Its Antioxidant properties provide a shield against free radicals and UVA/UVB damage. As it has lightweight, it feel comfy and avoids clogging pores.

3-  Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++

This new Defense Multi Protection Light essence is very light in weight. Its hydrating formula powered with SPF 50 PA+++ Protection that makes your complexion luminous and even ready for makeup. This super-fluid essence guards your face against daily exposure to harmful UV rays and indoor and outdoor pollution. The fast-absorbing lotion is not greasy, breathable and comfy, doesn’t leave a white chalky film behind and does not flow to your top. It is available in two sizes – 40 ml and 60 ml from which you can buy depending on your preference.

4-  Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF30 PA++

This brand new formula is suitable for those having sensitive skin. With red algae extract and vitamin C, this hydrating facial lotion provides 24-hour hydration and protection from dust and pollution. This multi-task lotion contains SPF 50+ PA++++ and UVA/UVB protection that are fast absorbing and not so greasy. This will also help your skin look brighter and healthier and prevent premature ageing.

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