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Software publishers, integrators and ESNs, it is advisable to work on your content marketing strategy to attract new, highly qualified prospects. The goal? Bring you closer to the areas of interest and problems of your targets in order to  arouse their curiosity and attract them to your software solution. For this, you must create quality content, especially through your blog. You can contact B2B Marketing Services Agency. Here are 4 good reasons to create one.

Generate qualified leads

Creating a B2B blog dedicated to your market is a good way to  generate leads . Publishing unique content on your blog shows that you not only understand your prospects’ needs and issues, but more importantly, that  you know how to respond to them . By relying on Inbound Marketing , you will attract qualified traffic that you can then convert through Call-To-Action and Landing Pages. Therefore, highlight on your blog  Calls-To-Action  (to download a white paper or register for a webinar for example) as well as strategically positioned contact buttons. The objective, you have grasped it, is to  collect the coordinates Internet users who are interested in what you do.

According to one study, B2B companies that blog content 1-2 times a month generate  70% more leads  than those that don’t blog or don’t*. So what are you waiting for get started?

Increase your presence closer to prospects

However, simply creating a blog is obviously not enough to make yourself known. It is advisable to  provide quality content regularly , dealing in particular with the problems of your prospects, trends in the IT sector or even subjects that interest the customers of your solutions, in order to make them mature with a view to subsequently acquire your solutions (in our marketing jargon, we will speak of “nurturing”). In addition, you must  use the right keywords  so that your articles are  well referenced  and thus reach the eyes of your targets. Moreover, the latter are omnipresent on professional social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Take advantage of their appetite for these platforms to relay your content regularly . Social networks are a great way to make your blog posts more visible and thus promote netlinking (links pointing to your site). In addition, make sure your blog is  responsive  because more and more professionals consult these social media on their mobiles.*

Finally, to maximize the impact of your articles, do not hesitate to  distribute them in the form of newsletters  : emailing  is an extremely effective medium in B2B. By soliciting all these communication levers together, you will bring your achievements to life beyond your blog and thus gradually extend your influence over your prospects.

Affirm your expertise and that of your employees

Your blog, space of expression par excellence, is ideal to  enhance your knowledge of your field and your know-how . The more you write about subjects on which you are a specialist, the more you will assert your expertise and the more you will gain in  credibility and notoriety . Hence the interest of a good SEO: when a prospect is researching a theme and comes across your articles on the first page of Google, he will probably say that you are clearly stuck on the subject. A relationship of trust can be born in this way.

But for the magic to work, you only need to offer your audience  quality content . So don’t skimp on the means allocated to your content marketing, your reputation and your credibility are at stake! Feature articles,  videos ,  infographics … all types of content are good for appealing to your blog readers. The variety of content published on your blog will prove your business knowledge and thereby strengthen  your legitimacy in the eyes of prospects .

Finally, don’t forget to  value the expertise of your employees , who also have a lot to say and bring to your market targets! Every job contributes to the success of your business. This is why we recommend that you also involve them in the creation of content by giving them a voice on your blog. In this way, you will be able to present your team as  a full range of experts , each speaking on their favorite subject.

Strengthen your natural referencing

Nothing like a blog to optimize the natural referencing of your site . But for the latter to be in pole position in the SERPs (search engine results), it is necessary to respect certain basics of SEO. For example, to name a few: we advise you to work on your titles and subtitles, to multiply the use of searched and relevant keywords, to add tags to your visuals and to make links between your blog posts.

Also important to know: Google highly values recent content .Therefore, the more  regularly you publish  targeted content, the more likely you are to be well referenced on this search engine. We insist on the interest of targeted content because it is the fact that a set of specific keywords come up often and naturally in your blog posts that will play in favor of your visibility on the Web. If the site on which you are reading this post is in 1st place in Google for the keywords “software publisher referencing” or “ software publisher inbound marketing  ”, it is no coincidence.

Creating a B2B blog is at the heart of any good inbound and content marketing strategy. The blog is undoubtedly one of the best communication tools for a software publisher, an integrator or an ESN because it will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the long term and create a relationship of trust with your target.

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