coworking space

Coworking space is the coolest thing out there at the moment. The lifestyle of the world has changed a lot after covid. Initially, people were enjoying the WFH situation, however, it started to get boring to work from the same place, every single day. 

For all those lucky ones, who can work from anywhere, coworking space can be a blessing. It doesn’t get boring as you can change your working place each month and it gives you a chance to enjoy the corporate world without being in one. You can focus more on these coworking stations, plus, you’ll get an opportunity to network with new people from different professions.  

However, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a coworking space. 

  • Location

Isn’t it obvious that your coworking space should be close to your home? You can’t deny that work is work, you are still going to procrastinate, and having a Managed Office really far from your home will make things more difficult for you. The initial motivation coerces people to go for a fancy coworking space so that it can look good on their social media but you should choose a coworking space only when it is practical and useful.

  • Working hours

You’ll find some coworking spaces that have working slots, exactly like the corporate world. But, some of them are open 24/7, they are better for those who enjoy flexibility. 

The ultimate choice is yours, pick your workstation according to your working habits and profession. Mostly, freelancers go for working spaces that are open 24/7 as they like to work at odd hours and enjoy flexibility. Thus,  ask for the working hours before you finalize a coworking station. 

  • Diversity

Workplace diversity matters a lot, the aim of choosing a coworking space is to interact with new people and network with them. If you’ll find yourself surrounded by people from the same work domain as yours then this coworking space is not serving its purpose. 

Workplace diversity helps you meet people from different origins and this way you learn new things every day. 

  • Atmosphere and amenities

Don’t be very stingy while spending money for coworking spaces, you’ll have to spend at least 6 to 7 hours at this place every day, thus, the environment or vibe of this coworking space should match your energy. It should have a productive and collaborative environment which would help you focus and increase your overall productivity. 

Also, look for the amenities that they are offering, all the workstations promise a ton of things to their tenants but end up offering almost nothing in return. Don’t hunt for exotic amenities, basic amenities such as a coffee machine, a cafeteria and a few relaxing spots are more than sufficient. 

  • Budget

Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you’ll have to see that the pricing of your new workstation isn’t burning a hole in your pocket. Coworking space is the new trend and most people are going for it without caring about the budget, just because it’s fancy. If you are just starting up a new venture, try to save expenses as much as you can. 

Just look for an affordable coworking space that is providing all the required amenities as well. 

  • Events

Nowadays, all coworking spaces organize events for their tenants and bring some renowned personalities to these events. All these events are a big attraction because people get the opportunity to collaborate and network with successful people, learn from their journey and enjoy their presence. 

Do notice how often they organize such events and also interact with people who are already working there because reading Google reviews can be a bit misleading. Thus, believe in word of mouth and check the place yourself.

  • Security 

You won’t be at your coworking space 24/7, thus you need a space that can secure your work in your absence. The security of a coworking place matters a lot, you can’t bring all of your belongings and create a desk for yourself every day, you’ll have to leave your work-related stuff overnight.

This will be more practical and easy for you. That is why, pick a secure coworking station for yourself, which is close to your location, has the required amenities, and does not burn a hole in your pocket. 


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