When it comes to stylish, reliable, and versatile bikes, the Honda Shine stands out among the competition. You may have seen these around town or you may have even considered buying one already, but now you want to know more about them before making a decision. You’re in luck because this article has all of the details you need to decide whether or not the Honda Shine bike is right for you!

Honda Shine: Prices and Variants

The Honda shine is available in multiple variants. The entry level variant price is around Rs. 74,943 and top variant price is Rs. 79,343. Honda shine price depends on its model type and variant type along with other factors such as mileage and extra accessories that are equipped with it. However most of them have similar specifications and prices but are different in features within variants.
Honda Shine Prices are set according to Honda’s time line where Honda typically maintains their bikes for 5-6 years before designing any new ones. Honda shine features include features such as rear view mirrors, front indicators, alloy wheels and much more. These features can be found with most of Honda’s products that they produce like motorcycles and cars alike. The Honda shine is available in multiple colors such as- Black, Geny Grey Metallic, Rebel Red Metallic, Athletic Blue Metallic, all of which look good on it according to customer reviews that we read online about it.

Honda Shine: Specifications & Features

To truly understand what a vehicle offers and doesn’t, specifications and features are important. While they may not seem like it at first glance, Honda Shine specifications and features can help you determine whether or not it’s right for your needs. Honda Shine specifications consist of Kerb Weight of 114 kg, Ground Clearance is 162 mm, Wheelbase is 1285 mm with Seat Height of 791 mm, Power (BHP) is 10.5 bhp @ 7,500 rpm, Torque (NM) is 11 Nm @ 6,000. Honda Shine features such as- Electric Start button, Engine kill switch, Halogen Bulb-DC, Alloy wheels and Pass Light.

The mileage of any vehicle is an important consideration, especially if you drive often. With that in mind, Honda shine mileage is one of many things to look into when buying a new car. When comparing vehicles with similar prices and models, don’t forget about what’s the fuel tank capacity of the vehicle. Honda Shine mileage and fuel tank capacity is 65 kmpl and 10.5 litres respectively.

Honda Shine: Dimensions and Chassis

The Honda Shine Dimensions is 2046 mm in length, 737 mm in width and 1116 mm in height with a wheelbase of 1285 mm, it weighs approximately 114kg. Other specifications that you should be aware of include a brake type, which is Disc and a wheel size, which is 18 inches (Rim). It has all-seasons tyres with 80/100-18 M tyres.
Honda’s new offering in its Motorcycle lineup is expected to do well in India because of its competitive pricing coupled with good features. There are many features on offer here including an LED headlamp, tubeless tyres, aluminium swingarm and an underseat storage compartment among others. Honda also offers one-year free insurance cover for Honda Shine buyers.

Honda Shine: Suspension and Handling

The Honda Shine features a front suspension system with horizontal leaf spring. This makes for incredibly smooth handling. The rear is also equipped with a double shock absorber which can easily handle rough terrain. Your long weekend rides through trails and dirt roads will be much more comfortable with these suspensions.
Braking : Now, I know you’re wondering how two brakes are going to be enough! Well, let me tell you – they are! The Honda Shine is equipped with front disc and rear drum brakes which ensure maximum stopping power in all weather conditions including heavy rain or snow.
They’re very reliable and responsive under any kind of riding conditions so you don’t have to worry about being out of control on your bike ever again!
Accessories: One of my favorite things about Honda bikes is that they come with great accessories. In fact, if you buy your Honda from a dealer then it will already come with everything that you need to ride it straight away! For example, it comes with an adjustable seat height which means that even someone as short as 5 feet tall can comfortably ride it without having to buy an additional seat or anything like that. Plus, there are plenty of other accessories available such as waterproof panniers (bike bags).


The new Honda bike – shine, not only produces good power with its 98cc air cooled engine, but also has impressive handling and a fuel efficient mix. All these are clearly visible in its Honda shine specifications which indicate that there is no reason why you should not buy it over other bikes. Honda shines features show that it is an excellent choice for all those who wish to travel long distances on their bikes. It comes with a storage compartment, lighting system and much more. If you are looking for Honda shine specifications then look no further as we have all of them here! We hope our Honda shine review was helpful!
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