World War 3

Everybody around the globe has had the notion or question about what would happen if World War 3 started. However, the main concern over here shouldn’t be about the building of perception; rather, it should be about uprooting the facts. Any news that makes it to the trending ones globally always entails with itself some sort of discrepancy. And this is where every civilian should take up the mantle to understand what’s right and what’s not. Right from the very beginning.

If anyone hears news about World War 3 countries and a possible attack in the foreseeable future; they choose to panic. The optimum step to take is knowing what’s happening and if it’s a global issue, it concerns every individual also.


Everybody knows that the Russo-Ukrainian war has been in disguise since the invasion of the former in 2014. President Putin has mentioned that Ukraine was never a proper state even when it fell under the Soviet Union. Therefore, a slight tinge of disagreement has been sensed ever since.

And even after denying all the facts, the concerned nations have managed somehow to trend as World War 3 news today. President Putin said that Russia has no intentions of attacking Ukraine, but it also made a contradictory special announcement. Now, it might not be as lucrative information as who would win World War 3. But it depicts the turmoil that the world can be in, in the future.

AN explanation

  •   It is not World War 3 news. It traces back to NATO consisting of powers like the US.
  •   Russia isn’t willing to let Ukraine into the organization, as it will lead to their expansion past the borders.
  •   It’ll give the benefit of garnering collective support from the member nations once Ukraine becomes a part of the organization.


It is safe to say that both Russia and Ukraine aren’t and shouldn’t be seen as World War 3 countries. Even though the situation over here is tense, for now, it is nothing more than a political disturbance.

Therefore, right now all the member nations of the organization are trying to convince the president to pull back. But the situation seems tense. Although, if you are an individual who is looking to know what countries will be in World War 3 2022, you can rest for now.

It might seem like Russia and Ukraine are getting into World War 3 2022, but at the grassroots level, it’s simpler. Because we are talking about nations right now, and nothing traumatizing can happen abruptly.

And even if it happens, then Ukraine would be in NATO, and other countries might help. But then it doesn’t mean that all of them would be World War 3 countries.

On a concluding note, as civilians, we should have a factual take on these reports and should abstain from impulsiveness. Like the ones who are interpreting this war as World War 3 news today.

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