Rakshabandhan is the day when siblings get together and celebrate their relationship by tying the rakhi. They give each other’s gifts and the day ends. But kids these days are not fully involved in such rituals where they can get bored. They need to have some activities which can make the day interesting as well as memorable for them. So this year while you are making the best Rakhi Combo for your brother try to find out some new ways of celebrating the festival which will make everyone participate. If you can’t think of some ideas then we have some really wonderful suggestions which can make the day great ad fun for all the family members and not just the siblings. If you are up for this planning then read the entire blog because we are going to share some really fun ideas with all our readers. Let’s start:


Plan a Family Trip

To get some fresh air we all take ourselves to some new destination. You have been celebrating Rakhi in the same way since you were a kid. This is time to give it a new twist and plan that trip that your family has been postponing forever. It is usually difficult for families to plan a trip once you are all grown up because of the date clash and responsibilities. But during the holidays it is all sorted and you can get that time off easily. 


Set up a Picnic

Vacations are long and sometimes are not the right plan. But that doesn’t mean that there can’t be any outing. Rakshabandhan comes during monsoon and that is the best time to enjoy the pleasant weather and blooming nature. Find the best shed and set up your picnic basket and take all the food with you there and enjoy it with your family. It will give you some good time with your family to do all the catching up. It is also affordable so nothing extra would be added as cost.


Do Something Kind Together

Having the Rakhi celebration with all the right traditions and rituals is nice but what is nicer is helping others. On the occasion of birthdays people do come out to help others but it is often ignored on the days of festival because everyone is already busy. While you are packing a Rakhi Box for your brother, why don’t you also pick out some other things to help those who need help. This year you can take your time out and visit those with needs with your whole family. It will give you more time together and the feeling of fulfilment too. It is also a fresh start to something bigger and kinder from your family’s side towards society. 


Make The Sweet dish at Home Together

So, we have by now included many fun and amazing things for you and your family to plan out together on this occasion of Rakshabandhan. But now is the time to think of an idea that demands some effort. Instead of purchasing sweet dishes from the market this year, your family can get together to make them yourselves. In this process, the entire family will be very involved and will get a lot of time to spend together. It will also help you in learning a lot of new recipes, and stories to share every year in Rakhi and save some bucks in your pocket. 


Don’t Forget The Gifts

While you are brainstorming for some ideas which can be effective for gathering together and spending some quality time, don’t forget to buy something for each other. Instead of doing shopping for siblings only this year you and the entire family can buy something for each other. You will remember many sweet moments from the past while searching for the perfect gift for each other and pack that up in a beautiful Rakhi box. Also, you will get to know who knows who better. 


To Conclude

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with all the traditions and rituals is good but adding something extra to make it more fun is always a better idea. There can be a hundred activities which you can select for the auspicious occasion but we have listed the best ones which can be enjoyed by people of all choices and ages. 

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