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Buy plastic waste containers and bins at the lowest prices in St. Petersburg from the bin manufacturer wholesale and retail. In addition, you have a unique system of discounts for wholesale deliveries of large lots of garbage containers, trash cans, and trash cans. Euro containers and waste bins are made of polypropylene or low-density polyethylene, which are resistant to the negative effects of chemicals, mechanical damage and harsh operating conditions. The manufacturing company uses advanced methods and technologies for the manufacture of plastic waste containers, as well as the most modern equipment from Europe, which is why our plastic waste containers will serve you for a long time.

Plastic waste containers can be equipped with:

  • locks,
  • pedal drives,
  • windows for separate waste collection and many other accessories.

The official website is available for ordering plastic trash cans and garbage containers at any time convenient for you. Browse the catalog, choose the most suitable waste containers, add the required amount of goods to the basket and complete the simple checkout process, which we will complete in a quality and timely manner.

Products for the collection and storage of medical waste guarantee compliance with sanitary standards

Medical waste is an integral, and often dangerous, part of the healthcare industry, and managing hazardous waste is as important as providing the right treatment or prevention for a disease. Medical waste bags are essential items in the field of medicine, since not only the safety of the environment, but also the life and health of people depends on how correctly and responsibly the medical waste is disposed of.

The Solnyshko company sells a wide range of products for the collection of medical waste, including polyethylene reusable tanks, plastic containers, inter-case containers, carts, bins and, of course, medical waste bags, which differ by category of garbage.

Classes of medical waste bags

Class A  – white bags. These bags are used for non-hazardous medical waste that has not been exposed to toxic substances or infections. Parts of furniture and equipment, non-infected paper, various construction waste, etc. are stored in them.


Class B  – yellow bags. Such bags collect waste that has a risk level slightly higher than usual – potentially infected garbage.


Class B  – red bags. They are intended for materials in contact with patients with dangerous infectious diseases.


Class G  – black bags. Intended for the collection of expired drugs that are not subject to the use of disinfectants, mercury-containing devices or equipment.

Plastic Bins Sale

 The bags for medical waste presented on our website are made of heavy-duty HDPE polyethylene, resistant to chemical attack and temperature extremes. They provide sealing and safe collection and storage of any medical waste. We offer packs of all classes in 30, 60 and 110 l – the minimum amount of dispensing is 500 packs or 1 box.

With medical waste bags and other waste collection and storage accessories, you can fully maintain hygiene in any healthcare facility, reducing the risk of infection spreading outside of it.

This section presents various types, volumes and colors of plastic containers for waste:


Rectangular plastic euro containers with two or four wheels for ease and convenience of moving the container to the waste disposal equipment. Universal waste containers are equipped with a lid that localizes unpleasant odors inside and prevents them from spreading to the area around. Round plastic bins, most often used for waste collection in enterprises, organizations or private homes. The design features of different types of garbage containers and tanks allow them to be used for emptying into various types of equipment, namely, side unloading of garbage, classical, or unloading by opening the bottom of the container is possible

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