J4859D HPE Aruba

Business networking is vital to a company’s survival. It gives you a chance for your organization to gain access to new markets and expand your business. The J4859D HPE Aruba is a modular Ethernet switch that can support large-scale data centers by providing advanced connectivity capabilities. It has two ports, allowing you to share power and network resources with other devices.

J4859D HPE Aruba Support Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet is a technology that allows you to use standard Ethernet cables to transmit data and electrical power. This eliminates the need for additional power cables and reduces the clutter of cable runs in your workspace. Power over Ethernet Plus is an enhanced version of PoE. It allowing more power to deliver over a single Ethernet cable. J4859D HPE Aruba switches support PoE and PoE+ standards. You can connect any device with an integrated power supply or external power adapter without worrying about running out of electrical power at the end of the cable run. In addition to powering devices, PoE+ provides up to 30 watts of power per port. This helps you to run high-power devices such as network cameras, VoIP phones, and video surveillance cameras on your network even when they are not connected directly to a power outlet.

J4859D HPE Aruba Has Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

HPE J4859D HPE Aruba Switch has the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol feature. It automatically detects and blocks redundant links to prevent network loops. This helps improve the network’s reliability and prevents frames from being continuously sent out on a looped path. In a traditional spanning tree protocol, when the root switch fails, or the link between it and any other switch fails, it takes 50 seconds to detect that failure and another 20 seconds to reconfigure the network. If there is more than one failure in the network simultaneously, it will take longer for the entire network to recover from those failures. However, with its RSTP feature enabled, it can detect a failure within 1 second and reconfigure itself in less than 5 seconds. This means that any single point of failure in your network can be recovered much faster than without RSTP enabled.

J4859D HPE Aruba Is Energy Efficient Ethernet

HPE Switch Energy Efficient Ethernet features help you save money by reducing power consumption. These features help you save money by reducing power consumption. HPE EEE technology supports IEEE 802.3az-2010 energy-efficient Ethernet standard. This allows you to use less energy to accomplish the same tasks and provides a green solution. It enables users to make the most of their network infrastructure by providing an efficient power consumption model that reduces overall energy usage.

J9151D HPE Aruba Has Intelligent Resilient Framework

J9151D HPE Aruba switches, with the Intelligent Resilient Framework, are designed to help you quickly recover from unexpected events. This is because HPE has embedded features into the switch fabric and silicon that helps you protect against disruptions. The Intelligent Resilient Framework is an architecture that provides rapid recovery from failures in your network. It accelerates the path to recovery through automated failover and failback capabilities, embedded redundancy, and dual-personality ports that support both NICs and FCoE/FICON workloads.

J9151D HPE Aruba Has Fanless Design

The J9151D HPE Aruba switch series is the world’s first fan less Ethernet switch. This design helps extend the product life, resulting in lower power consumption and higher availability. These are fanless, so they can be deployed in areas where noise concerns them. Fanless switches operate silently, so they do not require cooling fans or other moving parts. This can help reduce the risk of failure from dust and debris build-up and reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement.

J9151D HPE Aruba Has Layer 3 Interoperability

The J9151D HPE Aruba switch is the next generation of enterprise switches, delivering a complete set of Layer 3 features at a very affordable price. This switch includes several advanced features ideal for small and medium size businesses. With support for IPv6 and multiple Spanning Tree Protocols, these switches offer a full suite of layer two and three features that make them ideal for use in mid-size data centers, small offices, and branch offices. It has eight 10/100/1000 ports and one SFP port, which supports 1 Gbps connectivity to your network devices. The flexible configuration options allow you to configure the switch as either active or passive mode based on your needs.

J9151D HPE Aruba Has Optional Software

J9151D HPE Aruba offers a wide variety of optional software to meet the needs of any network deployment. HPE Networking SIEM Integration Module is a software plug-in that allows you to create and manage alert rules for your HPE ProLiant Server and HPE Networking Switches. SNIM can monitor, investigate and report events in your network, allowing you to detect and respond to security threats quickly. SNIM is a free download for all HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Blade System servers, HPE Synergy platforms, and HPE ProLiant Gen9 servers with an embedded iLO four management processor.

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