Careprost eye drops and eyelash serum are popular. The eye drops are used to lower the pressure within the eyes and keep glaucoma under control, the eyelash serums gives  a very visibly better change in the growth of their eyelashes. If you are planning to try Careprost on your eyelashes, then these before and after results will definitely blow your mind. Read them to know what you are signing up for.


Many people who approach doctors to get good eyelash growth serums recommended complain about the following:

Scanty or Thin Eyelashes

The upper and lower lashes of both the eyes are less or inadequate and are very thin. They miss the natural shine or darkness which steals away all the attraction from the eyes. They look tired and unlively. People also complain that their appearance does not get better even after using mascara.

Stagnant Growth

Like scalp hair, eyelashes also grow during the anagen phase only. If the duration of the anagen phase is very limited then, your eyelashes will not get a very appealing look. No matter how many home remedies or medications you try, the growth of your eyelashes will still remain stagnant. This can be very frustrating for the user.

Eyelash Loss

Constant exposure to harmful chemicals, poor hygiene, lack of maintenance, etc. will make you lose your eyelashes every day. It can also happen unknowingly when you accidentally rub very hard on your eyelashes. But constantly seeing your eyelashes fall out without any growth can be very dreadful and make you imagine the worst.

Here is where Careprost eyelash regrowth serum comes to your rescue. You can buy Careprost online 3ml bottles with special application sticks at cheap prices from online stores. However, before using them, you have to consult a doctor for clinical testing and get thorough information about the important warnings and safety.


Careprost will not bring an overnight change in your eyelashes. But the consistent application, and careful and correct use, can definitely get you desirable results within sixteen weeks of starting the use.

Density and Length Increases

The volume and length of your eyelashes increase soon after you start using Careprost. This is because the drug Bimatoprost present in the serum helps to extend the growth duration and makes the hair follicles grow more eyelashes.

No Falsies Needed

With the use of Careprost, you will gradually feel that using false eyelashes is no longer necessary. Careprost gives good volume, and darkness, and lengthens your lashes in a natural way. This means that you will be able to enjoy beautiful eyelashes 24*7.

Best Results in 16 Weeks

When using Careprost, it is important to wait for 16 weeks to see the best effect of the medication. Around eight weeks when you first start to notice a change, know that it is just the beginning and hence don’t stop your Careprost application. After you have completed four months, you can also keep your eyelashes maintained through Careprost.


Medications are made and used to heal your sufferings from any diseases though it cannot diminish the chances of curing your eye disease but to diminish the effects. Eyedrops work well when used and applied constantly during daily basis. A person should also try performing meditation, healthy eating and  adapting a better lifestyle while dealing with any disease which also helps in preventing the risk of danger and serious effects of the glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a non-curable eye disease but can be treated and diminish any further consequences. Treatment for the same is the most important and should be fast decision to be taken by any patient. It is better to take action towards treating your diseases before it causes any major damage.


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