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Vehicles with programmed transmission are steadily supplanting their “mechanical” ancestors. Furthermore, despite the fact that they are more straightforward to make due, driving preparation in an Automatic Driving Lesson In Birmingham school ought to be careful. At the programmed driving example in Birmingham School you should rest assured that you will be prepared in driving with programmed transmission under the direction of experienced and considerate educators.

We are for safe driving.

Toward the finish of the school, every one of our understudies becomes a sure driver and gets the option to drive a vehicle with a programmed transmission!

Figure out how to drive, not get a permit.

  • ! Keep awake to date with Perspective
  • 78% of new vehicles, even economy class, that are sold in Russia have a programmed transmission
  • 52% of understudies who have concentrated on mechanics change to the programmed following moving on from a school
  • on programmed transmission, it is simpler to breeze through tests, as the apprehension about grip vanishes, and that implies that the level of effective taking a break increments

Class B – Mechanics

Showing safe driving is the fundamental objective set by teachers. We not just give the fundamental hypothetical information and reasonable abilities, yet in addition, uncover the inside components of the human way of behaving that structure the style.

Distance learning

All video addresses from our instructors will be sent by email, as well as extra video illustrations on every subject of the talks, you will likewise be given admittance to a unique program for tackling tickets;

Pragmatic Classes

Two months after the beginning of classes, an interior test will held, as per the consequences of which you will owned up to commonsense driving examples. Functional classes incorporate 56 hours of , which now remembered for the expense of preparing;

90 days after the beginning of classes, one more test will held to test knowledge; At the finish of the preparation, an interior test looks for you, for the death of which three endeavors will given, and after fruitful passing you will owned up to the tests in the rush hour gridlock police.

Archives for driving school

To learn at a school, you should set up a bundle of reports for confirmation. The following a definite portrayal of what reports required for a driving school.

  • Rundown of reports for a school (for non-inhabitants too)
  • jpg
  • Visa or copy of the first and enrollment page
  • Copy of TIN
  • 2 matte photographs 3×4 cm*
  • Copy of SNILS
  • Copy of installment receipt
  • Clinical declaration and its copy **

Records for trainees of a driving school

Receipt for the installment of preparing Agreement for the arrangement of paid instructive administrations Schemes of instructive courses

  • An educational plan for the preparation of drivers of vehicles of class “CE”
  • Rundown of instructive writing
  • Records expected for finishing the test in the rush hour gridlock police:
  • Receipt of installment of the state obligation.
  • Understudies who have a driver’s permit of another class give a driver’s permit.
  • What is it that you really want in a school other than reports?
  • pick a helpful time for classes (daytime, night or end of the week bunch)
  • pick the date of enlistment in a driving school and accommodation of records (see sets in a gathering)

sign up for a gathering (through the structure to sign up for an Automatic Driving Lessons school, call the numbers demonstrated at the highest point of the site or come to a branch helpful for you from the shown addresses of a school in Birmingham )


The essential showing materials and writing material in the driving school ” programmed driving illustrations” are given totally for nothing. In the nonappearance, the head of the driving school will do. For the comfort of our understudies, we welcome a clinical commission comprising fundamental experts to the driving school.


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