Everything you need to know about the SAT exam

Do you aspire to continue your higher studies in a foreign country? Studying abroad comes with several other factors than only studies. You must first learn about your eligibility from the study abroad consultants in Delhi and ensure that you meet the criteria of the respective institutes abroad. Furthermore, you must pass some entrance exams to these prestigious colleges or universities. These tests are mainly essential for students from a non-English speaking country like India. Hence, showing English proficiency through the cut-off scores in the specified exams is crucial. One of the entrance exams recognized globally to permit a student to study in a foreign country is SAT. 

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standard exam to test various skills of the aspirant. Along with English knowledge, it also examines the capabilities in Maths and Reasoning power. Usually, the College Board conducts this test to ensure smooth admission of the deserving undergrads to the preferred institutions. In this content, you will get the details of SAT for effective studying. 

Duration Of SAT Exam And Paper Pattern

Preparation for any exam will be fruitful only when you know the syllabus well and the time limit to finish the paper. In the case of SAT Exam, 3 hours 45 minutes is the duration. So, it is a pretty long time for the student to give the paper. But it is only the preliminary or the Objective Paper for SAT. However, you can always try the mock exams by taking lessons from a study abroad consultant. This will help you increase the speed and check your preparation status. To crack the exam fully, you have to qualify for the Subject paper also.

Along with the duration, you should also know about the exam pattern and the number of questions you need to answer. Well, you will thoroughly learn about all these things in this article. So please do not leave the content in between to avoid any confusion in the future.

A total of ten sections constitute the paper SAT. Each section has a specific time allotted to complete it. You have to do a lot of practice to ensure a stress-free exam without missing any questions. Undoubtedly, the best overseas education consultants in Delhi can present a similar environment to make you practice before the final exam. The sections are hereunder;-

  1. 6 sections involving questions of Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics- for 25 minutes
  2. One essay writing section- for 25 minutes
  3. 1 multiple-choice section on various topics with four answers- for 10 minutes
  4. 2 sections on Mathematics, Writing, and Critical Reading- for 20 minutes

The total marks for SAT are 2400. However, a student needs to score on a scale of 200 to 800 while answering the questions on Critical Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. The range of scores for the MCQs is between 20 and 80. Lastly, you can fetch scores up to a maximum of 12 points for the essay. In India, you get six attempts in a year for the SAT exam. However, it is impossible to appear for the SAT Subject Test and the SAT exam on the same date. 

Subject Tests Of SAT

The Subject Test aims to test the student’s skills in a particular subject that the student chooses. Moreover, this subject is a specialized paper depending on the course the aspirant is willing to study abroad. Only one hour is the duration of this exam. The total score of the test is 800. An aspirant has two chances to sit for this exam in a year. Thus, if you are not satisfied with your performance in the first attempt, you can always go for a second chance during the same year.

To obtain the highest benefits from SAT, the student must start the preparations just after completing the 11th standard. Therefore, it is best to sit for the SAT in Class 12 as all the topics read in school remain fresh in your mind at this time. 

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