Do you routinely take photos and are you enthusiastic about it? Do you daydream of taking your camera along on an extraordinary vacation and documenting all the wonderful locations? If you provided a positive response to even one of those feelers, you are eligible to embark on one of the amazing photographic cruises. There are many locations you may visit that will give you the chance to capture amazing pictures to remember your trip by including Goecha La Trek.


Goecha La Trek : –

The magnificent vistas of the massive mountains you get to see are the main incentive for undertaking the Goecha La trip. 14 additional significant summits are visible in addition to the Kanchenjunga. That’s a lot for any walk, especially one that puts you so close to the trail’s edge as the Goecha La trek does. 

  • The sunrise picture on the Kanchenjunga range is one of the most impressive features of the Goecha La trip. 
  • Despite the fact that trekkers cannot access the actual Goecha Pass.
  • The view from View Point 1 and Dzongri is absolutely stunning. 
  • Rhododendron forests along the route to Goecha La. 
  • April and May, the spring and summer months, see them bloom with pink and red blooms. 
  • Walking through these forests’ wooden-log trails is quite enjoyable. 
  • On the Goecha La hike, Samiti Lake is yet another popular site. 
  • A visual delight is the view of the quiet waters.


Tadoba National Park : 

Maharashtra is a dynamic and spectacular biological hotspot. There is something for everyone when you visit one of the state tiger reserves. In India, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has the highest density of tigers. For 620 sq. km, there are about 65 tigers. Indian state of Maharashtra is home to Tadoba National Park. 

  • For every wildlife guardian, seeing a Royal Bengal Tiger in its native habitat is the most motivator. 
  • Bengal Tigers, cubs, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, and many other species may be found in Tadoba National Park. Tadoba is primarily a bamboo forest. 
  • Thus, finding the elusive Bengal Tiger will require the assistance of skilled trackers. 
  • You will gain an understanding of how the forest functions as you travel through it in an open gypsy.
  • You can hear the various wildlife sounds made when they spot a moving Tiger. 
  • These cries are essential for following and spotting the Tiger’s movement.
  • The excitement of the Tadoba Tiger safari is increased by the Gypsy Jeep Safari.
  • It travels straight up to the brink where the road ends and the forest begins.
  • The closest cities are Chandrapur and Nagpur, which have good train and airport connections.


Matheran Bird Watching Expedition Trek : –

A starting point for exploring the world of birds in the most pristine woodlands close to Mumbai is the Matheran Bird Watching Expedition. Near Karjat, in the Western Ghats mountain range, is the picturesque hill town of Matheran. Despite having a small population, it has unparalleled natural significance.

  • Toy trains and cars are the most popular ways to go to Matheran, where tens of thousands of weekend escapees congregate. 
  • Neral is where the most popular hiking trail begins. 
  • The opportunity to spend time and get to know the various bird species that may be found in the Matheran woodlands.
  •  It is provided through birdwatching in Matheran. 
  • The Orange-headed Ground Thrush, Indian Cuckoo and Flowerpeckers may all be heard chirping in the trees nearby during your visit. 
  • The less used trails provide access to the Matheran Bird Expedition. 
  • In forested areas, one can travel from south to north in search of migratory birds. 
  • Along with whistling thrushes and other birds of spectacular colour, you can encounter the Bombay nightjar. 
  • The only car-free hill station in Asia is home to a variety of post-monsoon plants and animals. 
  • The Malabar Whistling Thrush emerges during the monsoon at this time of year. 
  • It attracts mates via a loud, two-tone cry. “Malabar Grey” Hornbill’s dull, primarily green colour contrasts with its vibrant facial plumage. 
  • Asian women’s paradise Flycatchers use silk to weave prickly grass into their nests, and their long tails make superb fly swatters. 
  • Several moments from Harry Potter come to mind while hearing the hoot of the barn owl. 
  • At Hornbill Valley, you can also observe an Eagle Owl! The best time for squirrels to give birth is after the monsoon.


Amboli Ghat Natural Trail : –

In the Maharashtra state’s Sindhudurg district, a high station called Amboli Ghat is home to a plethora of wildlife, including amphibians, reptiles, and many more macro species. Amboli Ghat is home to a large variety of amphibians. It includes the Malabar Gliding Frog, the Bicolored Frog, the Amboli Bush Frog. 

  • Explore this incredible wilderness and get hands-on experience with macro photography. 
  • These trails involve walking through cold mountain streams, torrential rain, dense fog, etc. 
  • As exciting as it may be, photographing these macro subjects may provide a number of difficulties.

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