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Everyone knows that the key to improving writing skills is to practice. But did you know there are several other things you can do to help your kids become great writers?

Writing helps with problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking skill enhancement. With a bit of creativity and by having fun, you can provide kids with plenty of activities to help them write better. 

From fun activities to daily reading and writing tips, you can build writing skills in your kid in no time.

Tricks for improvement

1. Make it Fun!

Kids are a distracted species. As a parent, you might know how hard it is to get them focused on a thing. If you want to help them learn better writing skills, the first thing to do is to make it fun. 

  • Encourage them to write ‌unfamiliar words they learn, so it will help them ‌improve their vocabulary, too. 
  • Playful activities like crossword puzzles or games like Spell Quiz that help with guessing correct spelling will encourage them to learn unfamiliar words. 

2. Make a Special Place for Writing

Having a special place or any corner is good for kids. Surround that corner with books, worksheets, dictionaries, and other study material. 

  • Having an area only for writing will keep them free from distractions, so they can focus more on their writing skills. 
  • The environment also influences the mind and helps in a calm mood. We can connect the place with a memory, or it can just be the preference.

3. Use Stories 

Kids love stories. Stories are fun to read and stay in your mind longer. 

Story writing is considered the starting phase where kids write a story with their creative ability. Writing a story or short story will improve a kid’s writing skills as well as it can be a fun element. 

Here’s how you can encourage them to write stories:

  • Complete the story exercise will help them narrate the story from given hint words.
  • Read storybooks together that will encourage them to create their own stories in mind. 
  • You can also encourage them to write their favorite stories in their own words, or a new short story about their favorite animal or their favorite superhero. 

4. Use Journaling 

Journaling is an excellent way to approach creative writing. It will help them ‌ track their progress in writing. 

A fun journal will help them track their daily routine and build strong emotional intelligence. Journals help them ‌ recognize their thoughts, feelings and express them accordingly.

Here’s how to get your child in the habit of journaling

  • Encourage them to write what happened at school or during the day.
  • What they like or dislike

5. Tell Them To Write A Letter.

Ever received a letter in the mail? How did you feel? Exciting, isn’t it? 

So, imagine if your child received a handwritten letter in the mail. They would want to write a letter too. 

Letter writing is one of the essential skills for improving writing skills that were lost when smartphones arrived in everyone’s hands. It motivates children to improve their communication and social skills, as well as encourage good manners in them.

Here’s how to encourage them to write a letter and be a good writer:

  • Ask them to write a letter to their friends, distant family members.
  • Pen-pals is another fun activity where you encourage kids to write letters and leave them at some hidden place and then find them. 


Children’s minds are like a sponge. They are always in learning mode. It is your responsibility as an adult to mold them to help them improve their skills. Along with enroll them in a best online english speaking course in India.

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