Focus On Home Extension.

When the family grows, the house extension is the ideal solution to take advantage of a larger space without having to move. As daring as the project, this type of work requires a lot of organization. Also, to carry out a housing expansion project, here is a practical guide on the different steps to follow to carry out your work with ease. You can contact House Extension Builder in Leicester.

Find out about local planning rules

It is essential to be aware of the local town planning rules. In other words, it is advisable to consult the Local Urbanism Plan or PLU beforehand in order to find out about the specificities and limits of construction accessible within the framework of a real estate extension. Regarding the extension of a house, you must pay particular attention to the maximum authorized height of the constructions. In the case of housing located in a housing estate, for example, it must first be ensured that the extension or elevation of the house is not prohibited.

Study the feasibility of the project

After knowing the local town planning rules, comes the key stage of the house extension, namely the feasibility study. This step consists of checking that the foundations of the house are strong enough to support an extension. Of course, to carry out such a study, the owner must call on the expertise of a professional, in particular a construction company, an architect , an engineer or even a technical design office. This study makes it possible, among other things, to ensure that the foundations can support an elevation, but also aims to define the maximum weight supported. In other words, the results of this study also make it possible to determine the type of materials suitable for the project.

Expansion budgeting

At the same time as the feasibility study, it is advisable to prepare your budget well for the extension or elevation of the accommodation. The extension of a house is indeed one of the most expensive real estate works. In principle, it is necessary to provide at least 1,000 euros per square meter when it comes to adding an additional floor to your home. In budgeting, the cost of the work must certainly be taken into account, but the amount of the development tax must also be taken into account, as well as the impact of the work on local taxes. Also, it is always interesting to make several requests for quotes in order to have an overall idea of ​​the cost that the expansion work will represent.

The building permits

Finally, before you can start the construction site, you have to apply for a building permit. This administrative procedure entitles you to a building permit, which is essential for carrying out the extension or heightening work. Depending on the project, it is necessary, among other things, to make a prior declaration of work to the competent administration or apply for a building permit. In either case, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of your builder or your architect for the preparation of the building authorization file.

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