Free Career Counselling vs Paid Career Counselling

Career counselling programs are curated to help people select, change or dismiss a particular career based on their interests and capabilities. It can happen at any stage of your life. 


You want to choose the right career for your satisfaction, as most individuals spend half of their life and realize the same after going through dreadful and stressful experiences. That is where career counselling comes into the picture and guides you through the interests, influences, and your true potential.

Anyone from school children to professionals can seek career counseling for a better life. There are different reasons to seek career counseling.

  • Sometimes people have lots of interests and are versatile in performing well in most fields; you still need career guidance from an expert for the right choice. 
  • Majorly students are confused between two or three interest areas, and they need career counsellors to resolve the conflict between them. 
  • Some people get clueless in finding their true interests and potential, which pushes them to take breaks and hampers their track record. 

Remember that the type of career counseling varies from expert to expert, and it also depends on whether you have taken detailed, focused career counseling or a generalized one. The expensive and paid career counseling provides a specific and quality counselling session, which goes a step further from the basic one.

Free career counseling is supposed to be given in government institutions and NGOs and for poor and underprivileged people, which has some disadvantages too.

What is Free Career Counselling?

Many working professionals, students, or freshers can take these counselling services free of charge. It provides a basic assessment of your qualifications, abilities, and experience for suggesting the most important next career step in your life or Career Change.

 And according to the test evaluation, you get a basic overview of your profile and interests for career choice. And if you realize that you need further career guidance, you can seek paid counselling. 

Advantages of Free Career Counselling

  • All the tests and sessions are free of cost, which involves interaction with the experts.
  • These sessions provide quick guidance tips and evaluation procedures which are not lengthy.

Disadvantages Of Free Career Counselling

  • You may feel sad for not getting individual attention or expert guidance from top-tier counsellors as they give paid counselling. Most free counselors do not take the cases seriously. 
  • The free career sessions do not provide enough time to get your answers appropriately. And the evaluation test may seem insufficient to find the solution to your career dilemma. 
  • The short length sessions cannot guide every candidate in the right direction, and sometimes this may mislead them towards the wrong direction. 

What Is A Paid Career Counselling?

With paid career counseling sessions, you get involved with an expert with years of experience, and the most important thing is you get good enough time to get your queries answered with individual attention.

Advantages Of Paid Career Counselling

  • Paid counselling sessions help you in getting highly skilled counselling guidance, which pays individual attention and focuses on your progress.
  • The detailed evaluation of paid career counseling provides an exact answer to your career dilemmas and helps implement the solutions.
  • Here the career counsellors spend considerable time with you and seek your satisfaction with post-sessions support.
  • Also, these paid sessions provide specialized career profile reports with details and resources for the further path.   

Disadvantages Of Paid Career Counselling

  • Here you need to pay very high fees for the sessions depending on the expert’s experience and success ratio. 
  • It involves a lengthy process that can be exhausting and intimidating. 
  • You may find difficulty in finding a skilled counsellor for your needs. 

Paid Career Counselling Vs. Free Career Counselling 

  • With free career counseling, you get shorter time with the experts, and paid counselling provides longer time with the experts.
  • The free career counseling sessions reduce your query resolving time; paid counselling sessions help to resolve every query.
  • You need to pay a high amount of fees for paid counselling sessions and you may still not get your answers if you end up with the wrong expert.
  • Paid career counselling sessions provide detailed career profiles and reports according to your skills, interests, and experience, whereas, free career counseling is limited to a basic career counseling report.

Final Thoughts

For a fully career-focused person, choosing the right counseling session and counsellor is a very important part of the process. You need to understand what exactly you need, and how much guidance is required. 

With the options of paid and free career counselling programs, you can easily decide based on their advantages and disadvantages, and your own needs. 

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