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The network marketing industry is ever-changing, and one of the most exciting ways to stay on top of the latest trends is to become familiar with the software platforms used by top performers. 

Network marketing software integrates with a wide variety of services, including CRM software, email marketing platforms, and lead generation systems. 

This closer relationship allows companies to automate their workflow, run reports, and otherwise improve their operations. It’s also a great way to build a comprehensive picture of a prospect’s buying habits, which is invaluable in closing sales.

Network marketing is a business model that relies on software and technology to drive the business. Software is used to help the company run more efficiently, which in turn helps the company grow. 

Software integration is a term used to describe the way software is used within a network marketing business. It is important to understand how software integration influences the network marketing business so that you can better run your business.


So let’s begin with some scope of MLM software integration


  1. Time and Energy: Network Marketing software is designed for the purpose of saving  time and energy by automating manual business operations. Before technological progression, all MLM activities were done manually by human resources. It incurred a lot of time and energy. So by integrating a software that is specially designed for performing multilevel marketing business, you can save time and energy.
  2. Marketing Automation: If a multilevel marketing company implements a software, they can easily adopt the benefits of marketing automation. There are several mechanisms like promotion tools, autoresponders, payment gateways, lead capture page and ticket system. These automation devices help you to speed up your marketing automation.
  3. Business Automation: The scope of an MLM software is not limited to marketing automation. Beyond marketing automation, they can efficiently manage the whole MLM business processes as well. It includes, managing genealogy tree, commission payouts, managing sales turnover and so on.


When Did The Need For An MLM Software Incur?  

There were a lot of factors that led to the automation by integrating MLM software. The major reason is increasing the volume of business. The expansion of the volume of business transactions for almost all companies was super quick. 

As a result, the available resources to manage business activities became insufficient. This led to marketing automation and the perfect way to make it successful was integrating MLM software.

To point out some important reason, I can show you the followings;


  • Increasing volume of business 

For every instance, there will be a cause of action. Here, that is increasing business volume. Apart from all other businesses, MLM has a trend to increase its sales volume. Because the structure of MLM is like a pyramid, one is appointed by someone else and he who is appointed recruits many others. This happens at many levels. So think about what will be the volume of the transaction. 

  • Lack of resources

As I already mentioned, for an increasing business volume the availability of resources was inadequate. Most of the traditional businesses use human resources as their primary element to make profits. But today, they are not capable of beating the competitions in the market and changing demand. 

  • Time consuming

Traditional methods consume too much time to produce a better result. They have only limited access to do a task within a specified time.  

  • Required Lots of Human Resources

On the other hand, if a traditional MLM company needs to increase its sales volume, they need to employ an additional task force. The employment of the task force depends upon depth of levels. When the level goes deeper, the higher will be the employment. 

  • Expensive

Appointing an accounting team and product management team incur additional cost to the company. 

  • Less Accurate

Human calculations are comparatively less accurate than a machine. Moreover, it requires more time and paperwork.

In this way, software for network marketing was born. Today, in this market there is a wide range of MLM software for different plans at different price ranges and can be integrated with other third party platforms.

Benefits or Influence of an MLM Software

It solves all the above issues. To make it clear, we can point out these benefits as follows;

  • Capability to manage huge volumes of business transactions like network management, sales, inventory management and commission payouts.
  • Super quick completion of tasks is another signature benefit of MLM software. It can perform multiple tasks at a time. Whenever a transaction occurs in an MLM company, it tracks them and prepares journals and subsidiary books with their value.
  • It provides the best solution for the problem of lack of resources. It is specially designed to cope with the increasing business volume.
  • It avoids the employment of human resources which is not their focused area. For example, Beta is a Multi Level Marketing business that deals with clothes. Due to the higher demand they needed to enlarge their production and therefore, they appointed a production team and an inventory management team to manage availability of stocks. On the other side, Alpha implemented MLM software instead of appointing human resources. They need to appoint a production team but they could avoid inventory management. Because MLM software has its own inventory control feature. 
  • It is accurate when it is programmed. MLM software only provides inaccurate details when an error occurs. Most of the cases, programmers will not allow any errors in their software. 

One Tool Infinite Solution for MLM Business

While it is evident that marketing automation is not solely concerned with saving time and money, the role it plays in achieving success in direct selling is not insignificant. Marketing automation technologies assist distributors in engaging their leads and improving the customer experience throughout the brand journey.

Lead Generation At a Glance

You have a flood of visitors to your website. How do you anticipate your distributors greeting them all?

While it is obvious that this cannot be done manually, marketing automation software can assist in tracking visitors as they navigate your website. These intelligent tracking solutions detect and filter the steady walkers in close proximity to your brand.

To produce quality leads, marketing automation platforms use lead scoring and lead tracking methodologies.


Leads to Sales 

With pre-qualified leads, distributors may use marketing automation solutions to segment them and develop distinct buyer personas. This enables them to create unique approaches for each set of leads, making the path to guaranteed conversions simple and painless.

Distributors can maximize the effectiveness of automated programmes by utilizing email marketing, social media, and other customer-preferred channels. 

It also assists individuals in organizing themselves and managing goals more quickly by prioritizing their chores. Taking the burden off their shoulders also leads to long-term engagement with your distributors.



To sum up, I need to say that by integrating network marketing business with a business intelligence tool makes your entire business operations fully automatic. That’s why top MLM companies like Amway make more and more profits year after year. 

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