We recommend you call our specialists at least 1-2 months prior to the start of IVF treatment ( best ivf center in lahore ). This will allow us to answer all your questions.

In vitro fertilization is a method of conceiving a child. Partners must adhere to all physician’s orders, attend appointments on time, and prepare for embryo transfer.

The following is a list of IVF treatment options:

Consultation with a specialist in reproductive medicine (it is recommended to see 1-2 months prior to the beginning of the cycle of in vitro fertilization).

  • Survey.
  • A woman’s hormone stimulation.
  • Ovarian puncture.
  • Embryological stage.
  • Monitor embryo development for the first 5 days
  • Transfer of the embryo to the uterine cavity
  • On the 10th to 12th day following the transfer, the diagnosis of pregnancy is made.
  • It is important to complete all stages of IVF treatment promptly.


A specialist will remind you of all the rules of IVF in Perm at the clinic “Philosophy of Life”. The doctor will also inform you of the most important preparations for the procedure at your first meeting with potential parents.

For women:

Protection with barrier contraceptives during the treatment cycle;

Abstain from all sexual activity for 3-4 days prior to the puncture

Exclusion of smoking, alcohol intake, and restriction of coffee intake

Women who are about to become mothers should avoid visiting saunas or baths, as well as communicating with patients suffering from acute respiratory viruses.

The following are key recommendations for IVF in Perm: Abstain from sexual intercourse for three to seven days (not more), refrain from visiting a steam room, smoke, and abstain from alcohol for three months prior to the procedure.


The Cryopreservation refers to the freezing and storage of human cells, with the possibility of the full restoration of biological functions after defrosting.

Cryopreservation refers to the preservation of germ cells and the restoration of their biological functions following defrosting. This method is used to reproduce high-quality germ cells in IVF.

Cryopreservation methods

After the invention of a device that slowly freezes cells with a program, the problem of the formation of ice crystals was eliminated. This technique reduced the chance of cells forming ice. This freezing method is no longer effective. Instead, vitrification is used.

Ultrafast freezing of cells takes place during vitrification at -196 degrees Celsius. The ability to fertilize can be preserved for long periods of time with cryo-frozen embryos, spermatozoa, and eggs.

The following services are offered by us:

Oocytes (oocytes).

If a woman is not interested in hormone therapy, egg vitrification may be indicated. Oocytes can be frozen to preserve their reproductive function after any necessary surgery.


Before any surgical or medical treatment that has side effects such as a decrease in the quality of the egg, sperm vitrification should be considered. The procedure should be performed before IVF protocol if a man is unable to donate sperm from a partner on the day of oocyte collection or if there are insufficient spermatozoa for fertilization.


The vitrification of embryos that were obtained for in vitro fertilization, but not in the patient’s uterus allows them to be used in a second pregnancy, or to try again after an unsuccessful first IVF ( ivf in lahore ) . With the consent of both partners, vitrified embryos can be used to donate material if the couple refuses to use them.

Our clinic offers cryobiological services

The clinic “Philosophy of Life”, which is open to patients, is now accepting new patients:

  • Vitrification of sperm, eggs, and oocytes
  • IVF Cryptograms – Fertilization using cells from cryostorage
  • Material storage in a cryobank
Why should you choose us?

Perm is the location of “Philosophy of Life”, a clinic that performs cryopreservation procedures. Our cryobank is equipped with the most modern equipment to preserve the quality and viability of the biomaterial.

An examination is required before the collection of eggs and sperm. We offer a quick and convenient way to have tests done and receive advice from specialists.

Highly qualified specialists at the clinic have extensive experience working with fresh and cryopreserved cells. This ensures that there is a high chance of success in IVF cycles.

Perm vitrification costs

The price list on this website shows the approximate cost of the service. The final price will be calculated individually. You can leave a message on our website or call us to make an appointment for reproductive logic.

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