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How To Have Control Of Your Office Cleaning Service

With a series of details, we indicate the most important points on how to have control of your office cleaning service, as well as a frequency chart so that nothing is forgotten:

Safety first 

The cleaning company responsible for the tasks must have safety as a priority, both yours and that of the staff that performs their work there. In this way, they must develop this work in any of the parts that we will see below and with the relevant security elements.

The staff of the cleaning company will have received the footwear or work uniform. They must place the signs in case the floor is wet or if we have applied a sliding product to prevent slipping.

With the chemical products used for cleaning, special care must be taken, both with their handling and with their storage. Also, if ladders are used, we must secure them to prevent falls and adopt proper postures to avoid injuries.

The importance of room ventilation in offices and offices

The first thing to do when cleaning the work area is to ventilate the rooms to change the stale air for fresh air that provides a greater sense of cleanliness. Renewing the air is vital for improving the environment, it allows the elimination of odors and reduces the load of carbon dioxide giving a feeling of freshness, which is the perfect component for cleaning offices.

Cleaning and removal of waste in offices

As the facilities are already being ventilated, the next step is the removal of any residue or waste that may be on the company’s premises. If any of the bins or containers keep organic remains inside, it is essential to avoid the bad odors that we want to get rid of with the ventilation from the previous step.

Cleaning of ceilings, walls in offices, and highlighting points

In this part of the office cleaning procedure, we will start with the ceilings and the lamps. If there are no ladders, tools with telescopic handles should be used that do not put the cleaning company’s personnel at risk. We should not carry this task out every week since the ceilings are the areas that collect the least dirt or dust.

Something quite similar happens with the walls, they accumulate little dirt, perhaps some sporadic footprint. It is enough to wipe them with a duster or damp cloth and do not forget to clean all kinds of moldings as well.

 Office window and glass cleaning

Cleaning facility windows is not something that needs to be done every week. It is another cleaning task that can be spaced out. For cleaning the windows, we must take additional security measures that a professional cleaning company will consider. The frequency of this task will vary, depending on inclement weather or traffic and pollution on the street where the office cleaning service is performed.

The glass that can be found inside the facilities will be part of the office cleaning procedure more frequently, as will the mirrors found in the facilities.

Office furniture cleaning

The furniture is one area that gets dirty the most and in which we must take special care in this type of service. Furniture naturally picks up dust over time, but workers also use their desks daily, with the dirt that this entails. The idea is to pass a damp cloth so that the dust remains trapped and that it does not swarm through the environment. We made if the finish of the furniture of a material that requires special treatment, appropriate products must be used. In addition, you must have the most effective methods to remove specific stains such as ink, tips, or others depending on the type of furniture to be cleaned.

Disinfection of electronic devices

Electricity attracts dust particles, causing computer equipment to accumulate dirt on screens and keyboards more quickly, besides this, many people can come together who handle the same devices and touch the same keys several times a day. This cleaning process involves disinfecting these electronic devices to prevent the transmission of bacteria or germs that could compromise the health of the workforce.

Devices such as mice, photocopiers, keyboards, or telephones can be true nests of bacteria if we do not disinfect them. It is important that we carry this cleaning process out with the right materials since they are sensitive items that can be easily damaged.

For example, computer screens can be touch screens. If we cleaned it with an inappropriate cloth, it can cause the screen to erode, affecting its operation. There are kits with microfiber towels that guarantee proper cleaning. In addition, it is inappropriate to use any product that contains alcohol, since it would not comply with the complete office cleaning manual.

The pavement

One of the last areas to deal with in this cleaning process is the floor. The techniques used in the pavement will depend on the material from which we make it. Normally a sweep is carried out to eliminate the waste and material debris that may be on the surface. To finish, a damp mop is passed.

If the floor material is delicate, such as natural flooring, you can pass a mop sprayed with a spray product to avoid making it suffer. When the floor is very dirty, the double bucket technique should be used: first, the mop is passed using a bucket of water with the product, and then it is rinsed using a different bucket with just water. This technique guarantees correct cleaning, but it is very important that we do correctly it.

Cleaning of the toilets

I have always considered toilets sensitive areas in which cleaning must be exhaustive, the risk of infection is very high as bacteria proliferate in a humid and polluted environment, so constant disinfection must be extreme, which must be daily. It is very important that the commercial cleaning service complies with all the regulations. Among the most important tasks in the complete office cleaning manual is disinfection with suitable products since bacteria in these places proliferate rapidly.

Clean the office or kitchen

Not all companies have a room for the kitchen. Some have a small section called “office” where they can stop for a coffee or heat a meal. Within the cleaning of these areas. We found this sensitive area because, because of the activities that are carried out in it. The appearance of bacteria is common if it is not properly disinfected.

Collection of the material

We must always store the material used for professional office cleaning. In the same place and in optimal conditions for the next session. The cleaning company is to leave everything collected. We placed safely the used liquids. Put everything that may be wet to avoid odors and the deterioration of the office cleaning material. We must lay the rags or cloths out to avoid constant humidity in order to use them the next day.

At SCS Group Integrated Services, we are sure that with these tips it will be much easier for you to better control youroffice cleaning service.


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