An unusual headache that lasts for more periods might be the symbolic representation of migraine headaches. Migraine is associated with severe head pain, nausea, vomiting sensation, temporary vision loss, etc. The pain gets aggravated with triggering factors like sound, light, movement, etc. Hence, it is crucial to diagnose the pain to get proper treatment. Migraine Doctor In Jaipur helps the individuals with appropriate treatment suggestions.

Phases of Migraine

Migraine involves four stages, and the individuals are likely to experience the pain before the migraine pain gets started. The following are the phases of migraine, and it helps in better understanding the neurological disorder. The phases include

Prodrome: It is the first stage of migraine, and it lasts for a few hours. In rare cases, the condition might last even for days. In general, the individuals know it as pre-headache, and there are possibilities that the individual might or might not experience the pain every time. It is also referred to as the “premonitory” phase of migraine.

Aura: Aura is the phase that lasts for about an hour or only a few minutes. Most people do not experience Aura, but there are possibilities to share both an Aura and headache simultaneously. 

Headache: The headache starts from one side of the head and gradually spreads to the other side, and it lasts for long hours. Individuals can feel ice-pick pain and find it difficult to describe the kind of pain they experience. The pain seems to be mild earlier, and later it develops into severe pain.

Postdrome: The Postdrome stage might last for more than a day, and in general terms, the pain is described as a migraine hangover, and most people experience the particular phase of pain while they have migraine headaches. 

Migraine Doctor In Jaipur, Dr. Gaurav Sharma is a reputed doctor in treating all the phases of migraine. He diagnoses the cause of the pain and suggests the best medication to overcome the pain in severe conditions. 

Causes of Migraine

It is crucial to determine the cause of migraine to get started with the appropriate treatment procedure. Hence, it is essential to know the causes of migraine to get better treatment. 

Doctors believe that changes in the brain and genes cause migraines. The triggering factors of migraine include

  • Fatigue
  • Bright lights
  • Weather change
  • Unusual sounds and so on

The factors mentioned above are the triggering factors, and the exact reason for migraine headaches is still unrevealed. 

The Other Reasons

Migraine occurs for other specific reasons also, and some of the reasons include

  • Age factor
  • Family history of migraine
  • Other existing medical conditions
  • Stress
  • Food habit
  • Hormonal changes
  • Substance abuse
  • Skipping the meals regularly
  • Change in the sleeping habit

All these reasons are likely related to migraine, and to know the exact cause of pain and get the proper treatment procedure, Dr. Gaurav Sharma is the available specialist in Jaipur. 


Migraine headaches need to be treated on time as they affect regular life activities. If the individuals experience the symptoms of migraine, then they should not delay contacting an expert to get an immediate cure for severe pain. 

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