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Mobile learning has become the ideal way of education in today’s world. Everyone seems to enjoy mobile learning, from the students to the working professionals.

M learning is the intersection of mobile computing and e-learning, that includes anytime, anywhere resources; strong search capabilities; rich interaction; powerful support for effective learning; and performance-based assessment.”

-Clark Quinn

The above quotation pretty much sums up mobile learning and the effectiveness it has on the learners. Today, the world has 80% of the population using smartphones! With the unstoppable love for mobile phones, m learning is also leading the way.

The corporate sector has utilized this craze of mobile phones for training their employees. However, if m learning isn’t engaging and practical, the entire plan fails.

Not anymore! Let’s look at some of the most popular ways to improve the mobile learning experience.

Ways to Improve Mobile Learning Experience

1.     Micro-sized Modules

Reports suggest that m learning solutions improve productivity rates by 43%. Moreover, if companies incorporate micro-sized modules, the productivity levels will touch greater heights.

Micro-sized modules are nothing but smaller chunks of significant complex content made simple. For example, if a training session is tricky and takes an entire hour, it is bound to become tedious. However, what do you think if the same content is broken into chunks and takes up to ten minutes each to explain a specific topic?

The latter option will garner more attention from the learners. Often bragged for anywhere, anytime resources, micro-learning helps mobile phones attain a new level of admiration.

Small modules will help learners understand better. Moreover, better understanding will lead to improved completion and productivity rates.

2.     Reminders Work as a Charm!

A company isn’t only responsible for training their employees, and the employees aren’t just limited to training. There are various other works that they need to take care of!

So, it is expected that they might forget about the progress they’ve made. Therefore, setting up reminders is the perfect option. Smartphones have made things easier. With push notifications, it is easy to set up reminders.

Just a little tap and mobile phones do it all for you! Employees can have it easy with mobile phones, from tracking your progress to reminding you of deadlines.

3.     Enrich Mobile Learning Solutions with Videos

Did you know that a 90 seconds long video has a 50% retention rate? Yes, exactly! In fact, it is scientifically proven that videos have a higher retention rate than audio content.

Therefore, if organizations want to improve the mobile learning experience, they can take a shot with quality videos.

Videos being the most famous content consumed on mobile devices have the upper hand! If the service providers employ animation AR/VR tactics to create an immersive environment, learners will be attracted to it!

Videos are one of the best ways to explain tricky concepts, solve problems and summarize the entire topic in a few seconds.

4.     Personalized Learning

Have you heard about the one-size-fits-all learning approach? Yes, that doesn’t work anymore! The millennial and Gen Z learners don’t believe in generic learning. Most of them frown listening about it.

Therefore, organizations must create a learner-centric approach that makes it easier for the employees. Personalization is the key!

Creating individual learning paths, repurposing content into several formats and structures, and allowing learners to choose are vital tactics to personalize mobile learning content.

Personalization will help learners learn and gain knowledge at their own pace. Moreover, it will also lead to a productive workforce.

5.      Incorporate Gamification

By this time, everyone knows about gamification! It’s the application of game-based elements to non-game contexts. Nevertheless, that no way means you can employ anything you want to the organizational training.

Various service providers help organizations design gamification modules based on the organization’s learning strategies. For example, they employ gamification types like leader boards, badges, and achievements, medals to motivate the learners and indulge them in a friendly competition.

In fact, it’s not just competition, but collaboration too gains a definite boost! Therefore, gamification in mobile learning is one of the best ways to improve completion rates and improve the learning experience.

6.     Give Opportunities to Interact and Participate

With mobile learning, employees can sit at home and continue their training. But, sometimes, even with all these benefits, mobile learning can induce a sense of isolation.

To make the mobile learning experience worthwhile, companies must give employees opportunities to participate and interact.

Live sessions, webinars, and small group discussions are great ways of to interact and that can be incorporated in mobile learning.

Final Thoughts

Mobile learning is the new trend! With digitization spreading rapidly worldwide, mobile learning has become a boon to students and employees. Various service providers like Acadecraft deliver quality services that help clients with the best mobile learning modules.

While mobile learning can sometimes become monotonous, the ways mentioned above will help organizations improve the mobile learning experience for employees.

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