It’s a good idea to get a storage unit in advance and make sure it’s suitable for storing your RV. Doing that will help you avoid any problems with the unit during your trip. Before that, you should also search for the best place for RV storage like storage mobile AL.

This isn’t just about making sure your vehicle is well-maintained and clean, but also about making sure it is protected from things that can cause damage when they are brought inside the container. If you have enough space (around 8’x8′) to do this, then it’s a good idea even though you won’t be able to store many items in the unit at once. You can store some clothing, though, but keep all of your important documents out of sight as much as possible. Some of the top tips to follow while maintaining your storage units are described below:

Make Sure The Battery Works

To prepare your boat or RV for storage, you’ll need to make sure that it will work properly when you’re ready to use it. The most important system to investigate is the battery. You should check the water level in the battery, then turn on all of the lights and use all of the accessories (windows, fans, etc.). After this, measure the voltage across each battery post with a voltmeter. If it isn’t 100 percent charged, charge it until it is. If you don’t have a charger for your battery or you don’t want to climb into your RV or boat to charge it up whenever it’s getting low on power, consider changing out your old battery before putting your vehicle away for storage.

Disconnect The Battery If Possible

You need to disconnect the battery and place it in a secure location. If you can’t remove the battery from your RV, make sure to remove any electronics and other sensitive components from it. Doing so will prevent fires and explosions that may be caused by strong vibrations.

If you drive your boat or RV for at least ten minutes before storing them, you allow the batteries to recharge and provide enough power for the vehicle’s monitoring systems. After winterizing your RV, you should store it in the right storage unit like storage Spanish fort AL.

Open Compartments 

You should open all cabinets, drawers, and compartments to allow airflow into the unit. This will prevent mold and mildew from forming. Materials that need to breathe such as bedding, linens, and towels should be folded or rolled and placed in an air-permeable bag or container.

Some items are not safe for storage:

  • Paint cans
  • Gasoline/oil
  • Flammables
  • Fertilizer

Perishables (food)

Prepare Exterior Areas For Storage

Now, it’s time to get down and dirty! Wash the exterior of your RV or boat thoroughly before storage. Whether using a high-pressure hose or car wash soap, you’ll want to remove any dirt, dust, bird droppings, mold or mildew buildup, dead leaves (or other debris) as well as any bugs that may have set up residence on your unit. By thoroughly cleaning the exterior of your unit beforehand, you will also remove anything that could potentially attract rodents during its stay in storage. Good preparation will keep your recreational vehicle in good shape when you want to use it again.

Drain Water System

It may be the most important step while preparing your RV for storage. If even a little amount of water is left in the plumbing system, then it will freeze and lead to cracks in fitting lines. It will lead to damage that is costly to repair.  

Based on the complexity of the RV plumbing system, wintering RV may need the help of professionals. It is recommended to drain fresh water and waste tanks. You should get rid of water and waste tanks and pump non-toxic RV antifreeze throughout the water system. The non-toxic RV antifreeze will push water out of the plumbing system and prevent your RV from being damaged due to freezing water. If you think that you can not do it alone, then hire trained and skilled professionals.

Protect The Tires

Tires are susceptible to damage due to harmful UV rays of the sun or extremely cold weather. You can protect your RV tires with the help of a cover. The covers are easily available at the shop of the RV dealer. The cover of the tire which fits properly can protect your tire throughout the winter season.  

In addition to this, it is recommended to inflate all tires before proper storage. Tires may lose pressure during storage. Therefore, it is recommended that you should be sure to check the tires and inflate them.  

Final Words

The tips and tricks which are mentioned above will help you to keep your RV safe during the entire winter season. Also, you should choose the right storage units like self storage in Daphne AL where you can keep your RV when you are not using it.

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