Before starting to carry out window cleaning tasks. You must take into account the type of floor, whether it is wood, carpet, or any other surface that could be damaged to protect it during cleaning tasks. For this, you can use some plastic or cardboard that covers the width or the area just below the window. If it is a hard floor, that is not damaged by humidity, do not forget to have a bucket and mop handy to collect the water after cleaning the windows, since spills are very likely.

You must bear in mind that glass cleaning is not only the glass but also the marquetry, handles, window profiles, blinds, skirting boards, rails… etc. When the frequency of cleaning is recurrent, we only have to review some of these points, some isolated stains, but if we do not have a regular frequency, we must carry out a more thorough cleaning of all these points.

  • Necessary cleaning products and tools for cleaning windows:

Among the most common tools and products necessary for proper window cleaning are Mocho or glass humidifier (commonly known as sheepskin), glass racket (rubber lip on aluminum support), Bucket with water and dishwasher), Microfiber cloth, Dry cotton cloth, and extendable pole. With these materials it would be enough to carry out cleaning of windows with a low level of dirt, that is to say, that they are carried out very commonly, but they are not the only ones.

Below I detail other tools necessary for a more thorough cleaning:

  • Soapy water solution.
  • Ammonia in solution in equal parts with water.
  • Solution of white vinegar dissolved in water.
  • Commercial window cleaners.
  • Sponge or glass brush.
  • Microfiber glass cleaning cloths.
  • Glass rackets.
  • Scrapers.
  • Buckets, buckets, or buckets to contain water.
  • vacuum cleaners (to clean window profiles)
  • Dusters.
  • Brushes or brushes to clean profiles (if you do not have a vacuum cleaner)
  • 100% cotton rags.
  • Ladders.
  • Gloves.

Some tips for efficient window cleaning:

  • Never use clothes that can release lint.
  • Do not rub the crystals if they are dusty as you will possibly get scratches.
  • Do not clean windows when the sun is on them, as you will double the time of the task and get worse results, due to the rapid evaporation of moisture that will not allow you to remove all the dirt.
  • The frequency in the cleaning of blinds will prevent the accumulation of dirt that is later more difficult to remove. Get used to routinely passing (weekly for example) a duster or cloth on the inside following the direction of the slats, to avoid dust accumulation.
  • If you don’t have 100% cotton rags at home to clean windows, use newspaper instead of kitchen paper.
  • Cleaning the interior glass of bathroom partitions is very good using the same cleaning product for the ceramic hob, as it does not scratch the surface of the glass, but it removes limescale and soap residue very well, and thanks to its waxes, it allows keep clean longer.

Steps for glass cleaning:

  • On the inside, unless there is a lot of dust due to work or neglect for a long time, it will be enough to clean the glass, carry out a scrubbing procedure by projecting soapy water previously introduced in a spray on the sheet, spreading the solution all over the glass.
  • Then we will use a wet cloth and drain in water, and we will remove most of the soap and dirt, rinsing in water constantly.
  • Finally, with a glazier’s racket provided with a lip, we will make passes from the top of one side downwards and in a fan pattern.
  • In each pass, we will clean the lip of the racket on a cloth, and we will continue making passes, until completing the entire surface.
  • With a totally dry and clean cloth of total cotton composition, or a specific glass cleaning cloth that does not give off lint, we will correct possible corrosion or small remains of corners.
  • For the exterior part of the crystals, it is advisable to remove the dust beforehand, since normally a greater quantity of particles accumulates than in contact with humidity since they can cause scratches of the crystals due to the mud that is produced.

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