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For the people with great interest in flying a drone, the word – license is not a new thing. They know about it before because when they learn to fly the drone, they need a license to continue with their passion. The license is an essential term included by the FAA – Federal Aviation Administration. This little requirement is a must to fulfill before you plan the further step. The concerned authorities believe that it is an important part that can improve the safety of the airspace and keep the rules intact.


So, if you are planning to buy this gadget and learn to fly it, just make sure that you go through the below-mentioned details to know everything related to this official document that you need to get before you imagine yourself flying it high in the air. It will help you make the decision regarding how to become an FAA-certified drone pilot



Drone License:

License is actually a kind of permit that is given by the concerned authorities i.e., FAA to allow you to fly the drones. The pilot must have a license before he/she starts flying their gadget and have to follow some essential rules that are important for maintaining safety. So, whether you are going for a commercial purpose or just want to enjoy recreational activities, you must be certified to fly the device. After you get this permit, you are free to fly it as per your desire & the requirements of your job.


Flying recreational drones with legal permission:

People who are flying drones for recreational purposes need to go for a test which is known as TRUST – The Recreational UAS Safety Test. You don’t have to pay anything for this test as it is completely free and takes about approximately half an hour to finish. 


In addition, one more thing that a recreational pilot needs to do is to register his device with the FAA. This must be done only if the device weighs more than 250 grams otherwise there is no need to register it. While registering the drone you have to pay a token amount of $5 & the validity of the registration is three years. 


So, if you are planning how to become an FAA-certified drone pilot, you must be aware of all this information because it will help you to understand the task and its rules well. If you want to make a career in this field, it is excellent when you know everything about it in detail to support your decision.


Can this test help you get the part 107 license for Drone?

The test that we have mentioned before can help you with the recreational purpose only. You cannot use it for commercial purposes. In this case, you need to have an FAA-approved Part 107 license and without it, you cannot choose to become a commercial drone pilot. Not only do you need the license, but you have to follow some strict rules and regulations when it comes to the commercial sector. 


You cannot fly the device over moving cars and overcrowded streets. The rules allow you to fly only within the visible line of sight and many other protocols that you need to follow.


List the Basic qualification before you try to apply for the license:

A person who desires to apply for a drone license must be qualified for this task. Here is the list of basic qualifications that is must for a person who has decided to apply for the drone license:

He/She should have crossed the age of 16. Anyone with the age of below 16 is not legally allowed to fly the drone or apply for the certification.


He/She should be able to understand, read, speak and write English. This is important because it helps the applying candidate and the authorities to communicate properly.


He/She is mentally as well as physically fit to fly the gadget. Those who have some issues should avoid trying the same because they are not eligible to apply for the same.


He/She should have submitted the required documentation and application to the FAA after they pass the MCQ. These multiple-choice query sheets have 60 questions that are related to the information regarding the gadget.



Hence, if your passion is to become a drone pilot and you want to collect all the necessary information and details regarding how to become one & manage flying your favorite gadget, you can take notes from this informative section and clear all your doubts. 


You don’t have to worry about any confusion because we have provided you with detailed information related to how you can get a license for flying the drone. You can even check some of the top online informative portals that can suggest the best technique and source to make you an expert drone pilot. 


You can earn a good salary package if you learn the technique and can make an excellent career choice with it. There are so many companies that hire the top drone pilots for their projects & they want someone who can fulfill their requirements and handle the tasks perfectly.


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