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Talking with Pratap Bose at the send-off of the XUV700 made me think, how might Mahindra manage its new celebrated plan head? It promptly inspired him to plan the organization’s new personality and logo that its SUVs would convey, and normally, planning the new items would be at the first spot on the list. Yet, before the organization hurries into that, I truly trust it does a couple of key things. Which is, to characterize its image, characterize its client, and ring-wall its new plan group.

Mahindra XUV

So before a pen is put to paper drawing new lines, the organization should characterize, what is a Mahindra. Obviously, Pratap knows things as of now and says that “characterizing the people brands” is the main concern OF xuv700 and keeping in mind that he figures each brand will contrast, getting a “Mahindra look and feel” across the items is something likewise vital.

Take a gander at Mahindra’s item reach and obviously, the organization presently has no meaning of what its image is. Other than the opened grille, there is no topic or character in like manner and this isn’t simply elaborately, even with regards to work and feel; the items generally fall off very unique and come up short on any family qualities.

 Mahindra XUV 700

A valid example is the XUV700’s entryway mounted seat controls are a-la Mercedes, however, like the German brand will these components be across all Mahindras? Who can say for sure?’

Other than the brand, Mahindra should likewise characterize who its client is. The styling of a significant number of its items has been reprimanded, yet those vehicles have likewise figured out how to find purchasers, some, in any event, proceeding to be successes. Clearly then the luxurious and flashy nature has takers, similarly as. Something that Mahindra is attempting with the new XUV700.
It’s extremely restrained and pared back contrasted with its ancestor, the XUV500.


In any case, that is a smart thought? By and by, I think it is. I honestly love the organization’s prior over-the-top styling approach. I felt the XUV500 is over-style, the Xylo was unbalancing, and the KUV100 both. However, I was never its client. In this way, Mahindra actually needs to characterize who its client is.

Is it the outgoing showy searcher or is it somebody who needs an attractive rich style
What’s more, in conclusion, when the meaning of the brand and client is set up I truly trust as far as possible the plan choices for the new group it’s quickly developing.


It is better to finish the configuration by people rather than by a board of trustees. The group would truly thrive, ring-fenced with simply inputs as opposed to requests or heading and negative. No, this last piece is certainly not a mystery message from Pratap. We aren’t unreasonably close, nor is it a pointer to how Mahindra’s capabilities.

It’s simply that I’ve over and over again seen corporate India. To get brand new apparatuses just to not utilize them appropriately. So indeed, characterising, planning and fostering its group is what I truly trust Mahindra does, and I can hardly hold back to seeing what a ‘Mahindra’ resembles.


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