Employee Wellbeing

The 21st century, the era of the global pandemic, TikTok and a fast paced work culture. With the introduction of technology and the digitalization of the workplace, more and more individuals find themselves responding to work on their laptop, phone, and even smartwatch!

However, with digitalization comes an increased awareness of the moral greyness of workplaces. Many youths can be seen leaving or experiencing high levels of stress on the job. Thus, it comes as no surprise when organizations complain of low performance and unhappy workers. However, worry not! There is a solution to this, and it really lies on one small, all encompassing factor- employee wellbeing.

What is Employee Wellbeing and why is it important?

Employee wellbeing defines the mental, physical, emotional, and economic health of employees in an organization. It is vital and necessary to place employee wellbeing as a top business mandate as it is the only way to produce a happy and motivated working environment. A few of the reasons employee wellbeing needs to be an organization’s highest priority include:


1)     Improves the mental and physical health of employees. In turn, this translates into good work motivation, as employees are happy to show up and work.

2)     Reduces absenteeism or resignation from stress. Unhappy and stressed employees are more likely to fall sick and thus, increasing the number of leaves they take.

3)     Increased performance. Employees are motivated and happy which reflects on the work they perform!

It’s safe to say with a focus on employee wellbeing, that both the organization and its employees reap the benefits!


Au Chat Kwan – The HR manager to be inspired by!

Au Chat Kwan is the quintessential HR manager! He believes in the importance of empathy and aims to understand his colleagues and coworkers, taking note of even the littlest details such as birthdays. Kwan not only understands but implements employee wellbeing as a vital business mandate in his work setting.


Au Chat Kwan possesses years of experience as an HR manager and has faced a number of ups and downs in his journey. One of the biggest challenges brought by the 21st century lies in talent acquisition. With numerous unprofessional candidates showing up for the job, Kwan has maintained an open mind about the mechanisms of the modern world. In fact, Au Chat Kwan recognizes potential in youth and nurtures even the most difficult of workers with compassion and reason. In turn, his affinity with people and priority towards employee wellbeing has reaped a range of advantages in the workplace. Thus going to show that employee wellbeing really does go a long way! 

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Au Chat Kwan

By Au Chat Kwan

Known as the office clown, his light-hearted personality paired with his compassionate nature has earned him respect from his peers and superiors https://auchatkwan.tumblr.com/

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