Best Water Cooler Dispenser

Keeping your family well hydrated throughout the day can be the difference between tired and cranky and healthy and happy. With our best water cooler dispenser, you can now enjoy a fresh glass of water at the touch of a button.

Invest in a healthier lifestyle today with an advanced hydration system ideal for your entire household.

A healthier you with the best water cooler dispenser

Most of us know that health experts recommend drinking at least 2.5 liters of water every day. It is easier said than done if your water tastes bad and is often unappealing to consume.

Our filtration system ensures that you always have clean glass. Without the horrible taste and smell. No more worrying about how polluted your city water might be. Our ultimate filters can go through 350 gallons each and eliminate upwards of 80 contaminants.

A brighter future, best water cooler dispenser.

Millions of people in the US are drinking water that fails to meet federal health standards, including limits for dangerous contaminants.

Water systems are often sourced from large bodies of stored water, which are exposed to various pollutants from nearby factories or manufacturing plants.

We offer game-changing filtration with our best water cooler dispenser. It’s all about clean water, and with our ultimate filters that use advanced filtration technologies to tackle the most stubborn contaminants, you get just that.

Our commercial-grade filter delivers all the purity you need, leaving behind everything ranging from harmful chemicals like chlorine and VOCs. In addition to heavy metals like lead, we also filter out bacterial cysts and pesticides that are abundant in unfiltered tap water.

Our easy-to-change filters can be removed and replaced with a simple twist, saving you time on any future upkeep. We also use plant-based renewable carbon, which is a superior ingredient infiltration.

Each filter begins with a thermally activated coconut shell carbon to create a micro-pore structure. The powder is then compressed into a uniform block for maximum retention of contaminants, giving you superior filtration.

The best water cooler dispenser makes installation a breeze—a 10-minute start-to-finish guide prompts you through all the steps to set up your hydration partner.

Choose your water supply carefully, as our system can be connected directly to your existing water outlet. It can also be connected with our sidekick reservoir to make the system entirely standalone and ready for every environment.

With a simple twist of the wrist, we offer serious contaminant removal. Say goodbye to harmful pollutants and hello to 350 gallons of freshwater. Our built-in touch screen display monitors your filter status to give you a clear view of future upkeep.

Get bubbles on demand; our CO2 cartridges install in minutes and allow you to manage your CO2 usage with the display. The best water cooler dispenser gives you instant hot, cold, ambient, or sparkling water, all at the touch of a button.

Reduce your carbon footprint: our system also has an energy-saving sleep mode, which works around your schedule and goes into power-saving mode when not in use to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Help your planet while helping yourself with the best water cooler dispenser.

Keep those little hands safe with our parental controls and locks to help give parents peace of mind when their little ones have curious minds. When enabled, the system does not dispense hot water without assistance. Hot water will not dispense without entering your preset passcode.

Natural beauty to adore while your water is dispensed with our wide variety of wallpaper options to suit whatever mood suits you best.

Actively track your current usage with our advanced monitoring system, giving you a live count of the number of plastic bottles you have saved after switching to the best water cooler dispenser.

Choose from an assortment of colors to match your home’s aesthetic. Our hydration system is available in classic colors, including mica, a grey with pearl white trim.

The Arctic is pearl white with blue trim, obsidian charcoal with silver trim, and slate is a cool gray with silver trim. Grab your ideal hydration partner and step into the world of superior hydration today.

All your orders are delivered right to your door, with easy access to our website for your appliances, filters, and CO2 bubble needs. We also offer a free three-pack of Co2 canisters with your purchase of the best water cooler dispenser on the market.

We are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA with the best raw materials to give you that much-needed confidence in your hydration partner. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the system, return it within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

A free 3-year warranty with our best water cooler dispenser is our way of showing you just how confident we are with our build quality and filtration.

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