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Find out firsthand if the excitement surrounding this high-tech equipment is justified.

If those aches and pains seem familiar to you, such as tight hamstrings, stiff shoulders, or that knot in your quad that often appears after an HIIT class, there is a new tool to think about: massage tools Massage guns provide a quick, high-tech approach to recuperate from strenuous workouts, when in the past you might have tried another kind of recuperation or taken your sore muscles to a physical therapist.

It’s time to familiarise yourself with these expensive equipment if you’ve never heard of them. While some people vouch for them, others claim they are overrated. Ineffective outcomes or injuries are both possible when using a massage gun without the right training. Take a look at how they function and what the experts have to say about using them for recuperation if you’re interested in the advantages and disadvantages of massage guns.


A massage gun might be compared to a small jackhammer for your muscles. The handheld device is intended to release tight parts of your body and enhance blood flow for a quicker recovery. It works by applying brief, high pressure bursts that reach both superficial and deep muscle fibres. Less stiffness and a wider range of motion are the objectives—everything you need to perform at your peak.

According to Kelly Starrett, DPT, a physical therapist and mobility coach in San Rafael, California, the primary benefit of massage guns may be their capacity to assist you in fast overcoming muscle discomfort. As explained by Starrett, “after training, players can instantly address regions that felt tight during their activity.” This recuperation advantage is supported by research. According to one study, massage and percussion therapy are equally beneficial at reducing DOMS after exercise. In accordance with other research from the Brookbush Institute in New York City, pre-exercise local vibration can lessen DOMS symptoms and possibly enhance performance in following workouts.


Handheld devices like Hypervolt, Hyperice, and Theragun are considerably more practical than scheduling frequent massage treatment appointments, in addition to being useful in reducing muscle pains and stiffness. All from the comfort of your own home, you can use the massage gun while watching television, waiting for a conference call to begin, or for a few minutes before putting on your running shoes.

You get to choose how much pressure to apply to a tender place since you use it on yourself. According to Starrett, “We’ve never actually seen someone really press harder than they can stand” in literally tens of thousands of athletes’ sessions. When the Hypervolt is carried out by you, it limits itself. Additionally, some users might discover that using a massage pistol rather than a stick, foam roller, or other healing instrument makes it simpler to apply pressure.


There is always a potential of user error unless you’re a medical practitioner with extensive knowledge of human physiology. “For instance, pain can result from using too much force. Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid using it on skin that has been damaged (such as skin that has been burned, cut, or has open sores),” explains Ashley Vance of ExoGun, a prominent manufacturer of massage guns on the market.

The cost comes next. Most massagers cost between $100 to $300, which is more than the average pair of leggings. And with so many different massage guns available online, choose the best one for your requirements might be difficult. When purchasing your first percussion instrument, Starrett advises considering the sports and environments it supports the most. She also advises visiting the manufacturer’s website to find useful information about the item and its target market.

Last but not least, watch out for overdoing it. It’s time to move on to another muscle if a patch of skin begins to get red quickly, a sign of increased blood flow to the area. As always, if you have a chronic pain problem or any other conditions that damage your blood vessels, consult your doctor before using one.


Start off slowly and on the lowest level, then gradually increase the speed, power, and duration of the massage, suggests Vance. “Avoid applying excessive pressure or pushing so hard that using the gadget hurts. The purpose of utilising a massage gun is to aid with muscle relaxation.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to choose which angles and speeds suit your requirements the most. Your findings will be improved through experimentation. Declares Starrett “Can you include motion? Can you exercise the’seams’ between the muscles? Can you take a deep breath while working on the painful area? In order to avoid applying too much pressure on one area for too long, he advises moving the attachment in little circles. He continues, “If it hurts where you’re using it, concentrate on your breathing until it starts to feel better.”


A massage gun may speed up some components of recuperation if you’re training for a specific event and want to lessen your muscle soreness in order to maintain your workout routine. Additionally, using a massage gun is more convenient and less expensive if you regularly schedule deep tissue massages than scheduling hour-long appointments many times per month.

However, traditional methods like foam rolling, stretching, and self-massage can have positive effects after exercise. Therefore, using a tennis ball to release tension in your muscles will work just fine if you don’t enjoy the massage gun’s sensation or would rather spend your hard-earned money on new training shoes. There is no right or wrong way to recover from a workout; instead, you should do what works best for you.

advantages of massagers

This blog is for you if you’ve been thinking about getting a massage gun but are unsure if it actually lives up to the hype.

We are here to clarify exactly what health advantages employing a massage gun can provide for you.

Stress Relief is Possible

A message gun, when used properly, can aid in the release of dopamine and serotonin in your body. Both of these substances are in charge of overall body relaxation and happiness promotion!

You must learn and comprehend just where areas to massage with your therapy gun and how much pressure to use in order to experience these advantages.

It Can Help With Sleep

Poor sleep is a major issue that can lead to a variety of long-term health problems. We won’t get into the specifics of how crucial sleep is, but we will say that it is crucial for sustaining cognitive and cardiovascular health as well as attention and alertness.

Your body will begin to release serotonin if you massage it frequently, which will keep you relaxed. Additionally, it promotes the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you stay asleep when you need to.

It can sharpen focus.

Our brains are more likely to retain an ideal amount of alertness and oxygen because percussion massage therapy can aid in enhancing circulation and reducing stress. An ideal sense of focus can be sustained with the support of optimal alertness and oxygen.

It may boost circulation.

Increased blood and lymphatic circulation is a less-discussed but no less significant advantage of massage gun therapy.

The blood vessels are the doorway to a dynamic, healthy body. The faster the blood and nutrients can be delivered along these channels, the healthier the body may be as a result.

It Might Speed Up Muscle Recovery

The stiff and painful sensation you experience after finishing a challenging, unusual, or novel workout is known as delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS.

While totally preventing DOMS is not possible, there have been multiple studies that indicate massagers can lessen this pain and soreness by accelerating muscle recovery.

A 2014 study found that, compared to a regular massage, utilising a massage gun for just 5 minutes after an arm workout dramatically reduced post-training stiffness.

It may aid in preventing injuries.

Massagers can help you prevent injuries altogether in addition to hastening your recovery after an injury. This is because you can employ a combination of warming up and resting more effectively, which has been proved to minimise your risk of injury, to create more muscle strength during your workouts.


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