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New Year, new hair colour trends, and more specifically, rendered to fantasy colours. Will it be in 2022 when you finally dare? It seems that, after several seasons of rest, the riskiest tones will seduce us again, almost as a reflection of our desire to enjoy and finally get out of this grey stage in which the world has lately plunged. “Extreme colours are very expressive. If we wear them in pastel tones, we reduce their strength, although they remain vibrant. These tones can be combined with others in the same hair and can help us to highlight the cut. This is the best salon for hair color in Dubai. They invite us to imagine, dare change and improve our reality “, explains Raquel Saiz from Salon Blue by Raquel Saiz. You have to find the one that defines you, that reflects your personality and favours your features, and that is why you should listen to the advice of the experts in the field:

Very Peri, The Star Trend Of 2022.

Since Pantone declared that this shade was their big bet for the New Year, we knew it would not take long to jump to our manes. By embracing the qualities of blues and, at the same time, having a purplish-red hue, he displays a cheerful and lively attitude, as well as a dynamic presence.

Long Live The Neon Hues.

If fashion has already entered the field of the most explosive colours for 2022 (hello, vitamin orange), this daring will not be alien to the trends in hair colour. “Go big or go home”, they say, and in this matter, that of putting all the meat on the grill is more true than ever. If you don’t dare to change the paint with a dye, try wigs or extensions to create monocolor looks to match the clothing for special events. You can also incorporate these tones by including them in some strands or only at the ends “, explains Raquel Saiz from Salon Blue by Raquel Saiz.

How Do I Integrate Them On A Day-To-Day Basis?

Very simple, everything is a matter of balance. Select for makeup in nude tones since you have already earned the good face effect with the new and brand-new colour of your hair. In this way, the face will stand out without robbing it of prominence.

Winter Nuances.

If it were the middle of summer, we would advise you to go with a powerful pink or fuchsia. However, the snow season seems to require something more sophisticated. Felicitas Ordas from Felicitas Hair recommends “lavender tones, which now appear in a cold version, mixing with ashes or metallic grays”. They are perfect for girls with light skin and eyes, as their delicacy suits them great. Another great option is Ice Blue, according to Manuel Monde Manuel Mon Estilistas: “Blues with cold sparkles are one of the new hair colour idea. It can be worn on a platinum base with a more pastel result. Also with more intensity of shape. Single colour or with darker reflections “.

Low Maintenance Ideas.

We know that jumping into this multicoloured ocean can be difficult, and that is why we have come up with some more straightforward ideas. So that you can start step by step and do not be a slave to colouring (especially if you are a bit lazy to go to the hairdresser).

Tips to add attractive color: “Adding colour to the dividends is a way to have a fun look without having to resort to touch-ups in the salon. Of course, take good care of them. This is the area of ​​the hair that dehydrates before, and if that happens, not only the colour is dull, the hair also breaks. One way to care for and prevent damage is to apply a conditioner and leave it on the collected hair. Another option is leave-in conditioners “, suggests Manuel Mon from Manuel Mon Estilistas.

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