In their life, people have their own expectations and responsibilities. And due to that, they do something such as marriage or family expansion later in their life. If you are among them and want to get pregnant after being over 40, you will surely need medical intervention. It is, as most females face conception issues as they turn 40. 

Visiting a fertility or IVF centre and seeing a respective doctor can help you. However, you should be aware of associated things yourself. This awareness or knowledge on pregnancy after 40 will help you decide what you should do and how you should do at what time. Here are some points for your information:

Your chances of pregnancy after 40 

After 40, it is possible that you might conceive. However, as per the studies of the WHO and CDC, around half of females above 40 have infertility. After turning 40, you have only a 5% chance of getting pregnant in an ovulation cycle. Women between 25 and 30 have around 25% pregnancy chances.

If you talk about your chance of pregnancy after 40 in a year, it is 40-50%, which is around 25% lower than women in their mid 30s or later 20s. And as you turn 42/43, you have only 1-2% of pregnancy chances. This drop happens due to the decrease in the number of eggs you are born with. At puberty, you have 300 000 to 500 000 eggs. You lose around 13 000 eggs a year. At the age of 37, you have only 25 000 eggs. And at 43, you have no egg. 

Apart from the decline in egg numbers, you have higher miscarriage chance. And you have options like ART (assisted reproductive technology). In the case of medical unfitness, you can opt for surrogacy or adoption. 

Advantages of getting pregnant at or after 40

You are different from other women. So, you have your own reasons for growing your family. The reasons could be personal, social, professional, or sometimes medical. Here are benefits of having pregnancy after 40:

  • You have more experience – You need time to grow. And this is perhaps the primary reason to wait longer for having children. With your age, you get more knowledge and experience that could help you in your family expansion plan and growing your family. 
  • You are more financially secure – Waiting to expand your family might bring financial benefit for you. After 35 or 40, you are almost financially secure and stable. In professional life, you have almost no wage penalty in comparison with females in their 20s or 30s.  

Disadvantages of getting pregnant after 40 

Whatever the reason behind the delay in having children, pregnancy after 40 is not healthy. Pregnancy problems such as conception delays, pregnancy care, labour, and delivery could happen at any age to females. However, females above 40 have a higher risk of pregnancy complications. Here are some drawbacks of pregnancy after 40:  

  • Hard to conceive – Struggling to conceive is the biggest disadvantage of keeping pregnancy aside till 40. After turning 40, the time to get pregnant becomes harder as you wait longer. It happens due to a decrease in the number of your eggs. At 40, you have almost no egg. Further, you might have chromosomal problems that increase your miscarriage chances. Through ART such as IVF, you have only a 25% chance of getting pregnant at 40. By 43, your pregnancy chance through ART comes down to 10%. And after 44, you have only a 1.6% pregnancy chance.   
  • Higher risk of preterm or small baby – After 40, you might experience preterm birth, higher stillbirth rate, and low birthweight. 
  • Sperm issue in your partner – With age, there is a decrease in sperm count and health. Your male partner might have this. And due to that, you couldn’t get pregnant or have a genetic child. 
  • Financial strains – Waiting for having children can make you have financial security. However, with age, your responsibilities go up. And a rise in responsibilities could cause financial strains too. 

How to get pregnant after 40

There is a possibility of getting pregnant after. However, you should see a fertility expert as you think of having a conception. The respective doctor will ask you a few questions, conduct a physical examination, and recommend a few tests or screenings. Further, the doctor can recommend a few tests for your male partner too. You need to follow your doctor’s instructions and leave bad habits if you have one. 


Getting pregnant after is possible, but a little tricky. Having an idea about your pregnancy chance, advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy after 40, and doctor consultation will be beneficial for you. Your wise decision will help you make the right choice.

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