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Since 2011, which means for the past 6 years, the Executive has been organizing cargo transportation services. During this time, the company managed to become a leader in Kazan and earned trust. This is evidenced by more than 35 thousand completed orders and the presence of a large number of regular customers. A huge fleet of various vehicles for all types of transportation includes more than 150 vehicles. A well-selected team of highly qualified Professional Movers in Dubai performs their work quickly and smoothly.

By contacting us, the client receives a fast, professional approach, and recommendations for moving and transportation. We will select a suitable model of car for moving, the optimal number of movers, we will give recommendations on packing, as well. We can recommend the best furniture assembly and dismantling specialists in the city. Turning to us, our clients not only save time and money but also their nerves, keep their belongings safe and receive a professional approach.


Moving a piano is not an easy task and requires certain skills. In order to transport the piano requires the presence of special equipment and a certain number of loaders. A piano is a bulky and heavy item that cannot be disassembled but must be transported assembled. Also, do not forget that the piano is a musical instrument with a fragile filling, and its transportation should be done gently and carefully.

To transport the piano, you need the help of professional movers. Many people think that they can handle this problem themselves, but due to the narrow corridors or the fact that the piano does not fit in the elevator, the task fails.

A professional team of movers will easily cope with the transportation of the piano, as movers have extensive experience in transporting large items.

Loader training

The profession of a loader has always been and will be a demanded activity with a stable income and the ability to work in shifts at any convenient time. Loaders are needed at construction sites, warehouses, shops, factories and other enterprises where goods are regularly transported. Since work requires not only good physical fitness, but also certain skills and knowledge of safety rules, it is necessary to undergo training for loaders. Thus, you will not only learn the basics of the profession but also get a chance to work for successful companies.

The private educational institution of additional professional education “Dubai Movers” offers to take specialized courses for a loader and get a professional diploma. Why us?

The course of loaders traditionally consists of two parts: practical and theoretical. Your employer will not have to teach you from scratch, which is your competitive advantage. You will be more likely to get a really good job.

It is worth noting that loaders with special education receive a salary of approximately 3 times more than ordinary laborers, so investing in education will be a great solution if you want to earn a stable and decent income.

Do you want to be trained as movers? Contact us! Call (+971 50 7068100)

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