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If you are thinking of moving or renovating, the Professional Movers in Dubai Warehouse in Dubai offers services for storing furniture and other things during the repair or relocation. You can choose a box of the required size with individual access, depending on the number and type of property. To order a box and calculate the cost of furniture storage during moving or repair work, contact our manager or request a callback. Box rental prices can be found in the Calculator.

 Storage during renovation or relocation is one of the most requested services in our company. The reason is simple – it’s much easier to move property than it is to move it from room to room. Moreover, being in a repaired room can lead to damage or soiling of materials. Temporary storage of furniture during repairs is much cheaper than restoring the coatings and the property itself.

 Why are special warehouses better for storing furniture during a renovation or move?

 Almost all modern furniture is made of wood, metal or using these materials. They are exposed to high humidity, and also do not tolerate too low and high temperatures. If stored incorrectly, you will not get the most pleasant result – a deterioration in appearance and additional costs for restoration. In addition, the reproduction of mold, fungus, cracking of leather and wooden surfaces can completely ruin expensive things and you will need to buy new ones.

 Warehouse Dubai movers offer warehouse rental for the duration of the repair, so that your property is fully protected and not adversely affected. All premises have an optimal level of humidity and temperature and are also guarded around the clock, which completely protects against encroachments by third parties.

 Benefits of cooperation with “Dubai movers company”

 Warehouses are located in Dubai. Here at your service are spacious and properly organized boxes from 1 m³ to 20 sq.m. By renting a box, you get a dry, warm, and clean guarded room with round-the-clock personal access.

 What is sent to a warehouse for storage during a move or repair:

  • Furniture;
  • Boxes with household items;
  • building materials;
  • Large and small household appliances, tools and equipment;
  • Inventory for giving;
  • Inventory for sports and tourism.

 Feel free to conclude an agreement and transfer your things to Moving and storage in Dubai! Our team will take care of everything so that you get only the best cooperation experience. Call!

People, who make repairs most often wonder where to store furniture? We are happy to help you resolve this issue. Our company offers services for the temporary storage of your furniture for the period of repair and relocation in Dubai.

We carefully treat the storage conditions of furniture and your other property and are ready to offer you the widest choice in terms of the area of ​​the rented box. Also, during long-term storage, we are ready to provide you with the opportunity to realize a box of the required area.

Temporary storage in a warehouse, despite the stereotypes, is a fairly affordable service, you can calculate the approximate cost using our calculator.

Round-the-clock access will allow you to visit your own box at any time convenient for you, and round-the-clock security will ensure the safety of storing your property.

Our company provides is a unique offer in Dubai for a branch, temporary storage of your property. Our company offers a full range of responsible storage services from car tires to large-sized furniture and appliances.

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