Spiti Valley In Winters


If you don’t enjoy winter as a time of year and you are at ease with cold temperatures it is worth considering a trip to the city of Spiti in the winter. Imagine Switzerland Similar to a scenario, however, located in India. That’s what Spiti is during winter. Gorgeous Mountains with icy lucid streams and stunning scenery are what is found in the area. It’s not a surprise that each year, people are exploring the splendor of Spiti valley via social media and are awed by the beauty of it. This is why I’d like to go on the once-in-a-lifetime experience of being in complete seclusion with nature and being lost in it for a couple of days.

If you’re planning to travel to the north of the country during winter, there could be some considerations you like to think about. The winter season begins in October and continues until March and is the ideal opportunity to visit Spiti during winter. While temperatures can fluctuate between 8 and 9 degrees Celsius during the day but at night, it can drop to 10 degrees, when snowfall is in its most optimal form.

Spiti isn’t that much different in winter, but it is a lot different than in summer. The rocky terrain as well as the extension of barren landforms, the marks of green, enormous mountains, all surrounded by soft ice. This isn’t exactly an active time in Spiti however it is possible to meet the locals, enjoy authentic Spitian cuisine , and get the real life of the harsh winter.


If looking at the beauty of isolated spaces is your thing, it’s pretty appropriate. It’s pretty much like the Frozen film’s concept. With the creeks and rivers and the’stillness. Ki as well as Dhankar monastery, located in the icy hills seems like postcards, and the valley that lies in Himachal is separated from Ladakh and China is a stunning attraction. The locals are having a tough to live with the massive snowfall and the marginal temperature drop. Transport on the roads is slow and without help from the locals is difficult.


Although there’s nothing to do in winter, the prospect of battling sub-zero temperatures is a thrilling experience in itself. The most well-known activity to take part in during winter is to go on a hike or excursion. It would be a nightmare to camp because living in harsh conditions is not everyone’s cup tea. But, you could take advantage of some activities while you’re in Spiti. Some are :






Other things to be aware of while traveling in the wilderness are basic survival strategies and ways you will deal with these. After arriving, you’ll need to be prepared for luxuries such as electricity freezing temperatures, sub-zero temperatures and problems with basic facilities as well as other necessities of daily life. We’d strongly recommend that you integrate with the locals and learn the way they conduct their daily lives. Try new foods and absorbing the different cultural differences. But, there are a lot of important things to be in mind. They are :

  • Scarcity of Electricity
  • It’s time to say goodbye to the need to charge your phone and cameras due to the power shortages
  • Unstable mobile signal
  • All day necessities are very limited
  • Water scarcity
  • Food is difficult to locate since it’s extremely difficult to move them
  • Assistance from other tourists or even some locals might be difficult, since they are located quite far away
  • It is difficult to obtain


This is the most crucial aspect of your journey, because you need to be able to travel there in a safe manner. Although it’s an uphill climb to get to Spiti however, you can travel the route between Manali up to Spiti by way of Rohtang pass for those who are novice.



You can take a flight from Bhuntar Airport to reach Spiti. When you are there you must take a road trip to get to Spiti. In general, you can have private vehicles to transfer passengers between Bhuntar up to Spiti through Manali.



It’s pretty difficult to get to Spiti since there is no railway service available and you have to travel via roads. Going to Spiti during winter with your car is not the best choice as the majority of roads are shut. The thick layers of snow block the roads overall, making it difficult to drive. You must be alert to the possibility that you may not have public transportation available to places you’d like to go to. In your car, you shouldn’t make a sudden turn or move abruptly when driving on roads that are dangerous. In addition the fuels and fluids in the vehicle may freeze making it more difficult. We suggest that you employ an experienced taxi driver in the area due to the snowy winter conditions and it will help you travel more easily.


It’s not the simplest excursion you’ll ever experience. However it’ll be an amazing tale to tell your friends about the amazing trip you’ve had that will inspire them to take a trip of their own.

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