Latte and Mocha

Have you ever wondered what the difference between latte and mocha is? It’s an important distinction to make, especially when you’re paying for it at the coffee shop, because, as it turns out, both are delicious! But if you’re trying to distinguish between the two drinks based on taste alone, it can be difficult to tell whether you’re actually getting a latte vs mocha.

What is Mocha?

A popular drink among celebrities is mochas. If you’re wondering what a mocha is, don’t worry – it’s not a physical deformity. A mocha is a type of coffee drink that has been flavored with chocolate, cocoa powder, or caramel. The term mochaccino refers to a latte that includes both espresso and chocolate – something you might want to consider drinking when your boss asks how your project is going.

What is a Latte?

The word latte comes from a combination of two Italian words. The first is caffe which is Italian for coffee. The second, latte literally means milk. When ordered in Italy or Switzerland, a latte refers to a cup of espresso with hot steamed milk poured on top. In America, however, lattes are typically prepared as an espresso based drink served in a glass or mug with flavored syrup (like caramel or vanilla) topped with steamed milk so that it resembles thick chocolate milk. This version of latte can also include whipped cream if desired and may be garnished with chocolate sprinkles, cinnamon powder, caramel drizzle or other flavors to make it more appetizing.

Coffee Syrups

There are a ton of different syrups on the market, but there are really only three you need to know about for your barista skills: one for each type of coffee. For espresso-based drinks like lattes, you’ll use espresso syrup—this is just regular sugar mixed with concentrated coffee. Next, you have foamy milk coffees like cappuccinos and lattes; these require either whole milk or 2% milk mixed with a splash of nonfat dry milk powder. Finally, dark roasts like mochas call for chocolate syrup—that’s right! Don’t buy those hot chocolate packets at Starbucks, grab some actual chocolate syrup instead. It’s cheaper in bulk form anyways.

Food Pairings for Coffee Drinks
Here are some great combinations that pair well with your favorite coffee drinks. For example, there is nothing better than chocolate ice cream and hot mochas! If you have a sweet tooth, try apple pie à la mode and iced mochas. To stay healthy, try pairing veggie soup with a latte or getting a sandwich with iced tea. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to food pairings for coffee drinks! Try these combinations for yourself next time you’re dining out at a café; you won’t be disappointed!

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