community garage cleaning

The importance of community garages cleaning and car-park for the health of neighbors. Did you know that in community garages with about 100 spaces, an average of one car circulates every 2 minutes? (considering the schedule from 7 to 23 hours)

And it is that this area of ​​the neighboring properties is the busiest and also the one that gets dirtier, by far, than the rest of the common areas.

Most professional neighborhood community cleaning companies include car parks in their daily tasks because these areas are typical places where waste that is harmful to our health is generated.

In community garages, a lot of garbage, dust, or cobwebs accumulate, which attracts bugs and other undesirable animals such as rats. In addition, there are many spills of gasoline, oil, and other toxic gases that remain impregnated in the ground and in the walls.

All this accumulation of dirt and toxic gases is harmful to our lungs and can cause some type of allergy or disease.


Points to keep in mind when cleaning garages in neighboring communities

 With the cleaning of community garages, besides maintaining a cleaner air and environment, accidents that can cause the spillage of some liquids are also avoided.

To keep these car parks owned by neighbors clean, we must carry out the following actions:

  • Initial review of the garage
    Before starting with the cleaning plan, you must consider the type of floor, the number and type of stains, the number of cars in the parking lot, and other common elements such as columns, pipes, fire extinguishers, and so forth among others.
  • Daily or weekly cleaning
    It is advisable to sweep the floor every few days and remove the dirt less impregnated in the pavement.
  • Notify the owners of the vehicles in the comprehensive cleaning
    In order to carry out an effective and efficient cleaning of community garages, we must carry it out with the premises as empty as possible. For this reason, it is essential to notify the neighbors in advance so that they can remove their cars from the premises.
  • Industrial
    Sweeping Quarterly or annually (as decided by the community of owners) an industrial sweeping or an industrial scrubbing (depending on the type of pavement) must be carried out. Thanks to the use of specific machinery, much dirt that is not absorbed by the floor can be removed.
  • Decreasing oil stains and other lubricants
  • Sanitizing the walls and ceiling
    They also trapped some gases and dust in the walls.
  • General review after cleaning
    Access control, ventilation systems, electrical installations, and automatic door mechanisms.


 Floor and pavement

Cleaning the floor of a garage must be carried out with the help of an industrial and singular scrubbing machine. At SCS Group Integrated Services we have a professional floor scrubber that removes all kinds of dirt, giving great results.

In addition, we achieve a cleaning without raising dust in suspension, with a previous wet sweep to remove those residues and dirt found on the surfaces.

Cleaning walls and ceilings

The walls and ceilings of a garage are also very prone to dirt and cobwebs. Especially in the corners and around lighting points. In this sense, it is also essential to have specific machinery to achieve fully sanitized facilities.

Removing stains from the floor such as oil or grease is also another essential point of cleaning community garages. We made these floors of cement, and easily absorb any dirt, so cleaning is difficult at all. 

For this, it is necessary to have powerful products capable of removing these quite difficult macules, preferably enzymatic. Even before mopping the floor. It is essential to remove solid debris and vacuum well to remove dust and embedded dirt. Thanks to industrial vacuum cleaners we can achieve this deep cleaning or with automatic sweepers/scrubbers.

Biological disinfection of spaces


Cleaning community garages is better with a professional company

To thoroughly clean a community garage, tools, motorized machinery, and specific products are necessary, besides having experience in this type of work. And professional cleaning companies are the most suitable for this task.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we have been carrying out cleaning services for neighborhood communities and garage cleaning in Melbourne since 2010. And for this, we have the most sophisticated mechanisms and a highly trained human team.

Our community garage cleaners continually renew their training to execute new techniques and achieve faster and more effective finishes.

At SCS Group Integrated Services we also take care of other maintenance tasks to detect possible damage and prevent accidents, as well as provide solutions to the most troublesome areas of the car park.


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