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The hurricane season is upon us. It is important to take safeguards against both the potential of flooding and the destructive winds from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Especially if you live in a low-lying coastal area.

Although we sincerely hope that none of these terrible things will ever occur to you, it never hurts to be ready.

Those who have the misfortune of living in a hurricane-prone region can have hope knowing that there are numerous solutions to protect their property.

A home that can withstand a hurricane increases in value and ensures that the owner will still have legal title to the house once the storm has passed.

Continue reading this post to get tips to hurricane-proof your home in the USA. These tips are based on the knowledge of Custom Home Builders Dallas Texas. 

Hurricane Proofing Tips  

These hurricane-proofing upgrades should be top of your to-do list if you’re in low-lying areas. They can significantly improve your home’s resistance to the next major storm. 

  • Metal Roof Installing By Custom Home Builders USA 

The roof of a house is one of the most vulnerable parts of the building because it is constantly exposed to wind, rain, and other elements of the environment.

If you are moving to an area often hit by hurricanes, you will need a roof that can withstand strong winds.

And no matter how well your roof is built, it is almost sure that it will get damaged at some point if you live in an area where tropical storms and hurricane-force winds are expected.

Meta can stand up to the strong winds and heavy rains. If the house you want to buy doesn’t already have a metal roof, you might consider putting one on before buying it.

Metal roofing is one of the most common and popular ways to protect a building from strong winds. Custom Home Builders Dallas Texas stress installing the metal roof as it offers strength and security. 

  • Impact Window Installing By Custom Home Builders USA  

The impact windows have sturdy glass that won’t shatter no matter how hard something crashes against them.

The robust, long-lasting glass used in your windows was designed to withstand the harshness of a hurricane and other extreme weather events. Burglars will also think twice about breaking into your home if you install impact windows since they are so difficult to break.

Having windows that cannot be broken or blown out of the house comes at a price, though. Although they cost more than your standard window, impact glass windows are necessary.

Many Custom Home Builders Dallas Texas report that the total cost for a good hurricane window, including the frame and the hurricane-resistant glass, will be $40 to $55 per square foot. The hefty price of impact glass is well worth it for the security it provides.

  • Fiberglass Doors Fixing By Custom Home Builders USA  

As an additional safety precaution, check to see that all of your home’s outside doors are sturdy enough to survive the severities of wind.

Things will likely fly through the air when a storm passes over an area. Any one of these can be blown away by hurricane-force gusts, and that’s all it takes to knock a standard front door right off its hinges.

If it breaks, more wind, debris, and water will come inside the house.

One preventative measure you may take is to replace the doors in your home with ones that are more resilient to hurricanes and other forms of severe weather.

Fiberglass is a common material used to make hurricane-proof doors.

Custom home builders in the USA produce these doors, which resemble wood but are built to endure a great deal longer.

Fiberglass doors can withstand extreme weather and continue functioning well for longer than their wood or metal counterparts. They can withstand high wind speeds better than any alternative. 

  • Landscaping Of The Yard 

Preparing your lawn for a storm is an effective strategy to lessen its impact on your home.

Preparing your yard and landscaping for hurricane season by keeping up with routine care will significantly reduce the likelihood of calamity striking your home.

To begin, you should thoroughly clean your gutters.

If the gutters are clear of leaves and other debris, the rain from hurricanes and tropical storms will flow off the roof more easily.

Take care to remove any coconuts or branches that could potentially cause damage to your home’s exterior. 

  • Metal Garage Door Installation By Custom Home Builders USA 

Repairing your garage door is an excellent investment in the value of your home. Lightweight garage doors are more susceptible to damage from water and wind.

If hurricane winds knocked the door from its hinges, it would damage your car and any other items kept in the garage.

A missing garage door was a common cause of property damage during hurricanes. 

Verify the garage doors’ strength if you live in a hurricane-prone area.

To withstand a storm, the material of choice for most garage doors is steel. Multiple Custom Home Builders Dallas Texas offers supplemental fence posts.

Install these steel fence posts around your property in advance of a storm. The garage door won’t budge with the poles in place, even if a hurricane blows through. 


These hurricane protection modifications should be at the top of your list if you reside in a low-lying area.

They can significantly affect how well your house can withstand the next big storm.

Hurricane protection guarantees you get a fair price when you sell your home in addition to enhancing its worth.

Your home needs only minor modifications.

Make sure you have reliable home builders to help you hurricane proofing your coastal house. To locate the best Custom Home Builders Dallas Texas for hurricane proofing, check out All American Custom Home Builders. They have an extensive network of dependable and trustworthy builders. You can rest easy knowing that qualified specialists will handle your hurricane-proofing. 

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