With thousands of businesses going digital every day, websites and mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular. If you are a small business owner planning to take your business online, read on! This blog will share the top eight web design and development trends you can follow to get a distinctive look for your website. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Experimental navigation enhances the browsing experience of visitors. These navigations keep users fascinated and interested in exploring the website, keeping them on the webpage for long and lowering the bounce rate. 

Besides aesthetics, experimental navigation helps improve website search engine ranking by minimizing the bounce rate significantly.

  • Dynamic Typography

Dynamic typography helps improve aesthetics and deliver a clear, direct message to the audience about the business. It has been in practice since the early 70s in movie titles, grabbing the attention immediately. 

On websites, dynamic typography can be used to direct the visitor toward something important. Today, it can be seen abundantly in marketing and copywriting.

  • Gradients

Gradients, especially monochromatic gradients, can help create a smooth, eye-catching user interface for websites. It adds depth and details to the design element without causing a distraction for the visitors.

Gradients can add a touch of aesthetics and elegance to the website and make it look more professional. It is a perfect example of ‘less is more, and I recommend you implement it on your website. 

  • Animations

When photos fail to explain something, video animations and illustrations does the job perfectly. Animated illustrations add clarity and detail to website design and add a distinctive look. Moreover, animated illustrations can add character and charisma to the website, making it appear more professional than competitors. 

  • Minimalism

Minimalistic website design works best for consumer businesses and ecommerce app development websites. The minimalistic nature of the website helps improve navigation and enhance the user experience significantly.

Besides design aesthetics, minimalism helps improve the website’s reload times considerably, creating a positive impression on visitors. 

  • Grids

Broken grids and patterns are becoming increasingly popular among web designers and developers. While grids have been used to showcase pictures and videos for a long time, broken grids are swiftly making their way to offer something unique and distinctive to the visitors. This radical approach makes web pages incredibly fascinating. 

  • Fonts

Fonts like Serif can add more sophistication to a website than regular fonts like Arial and Calibri. Multi-million dollar websites are now defying the trends of bold and big fonts and implementing minimal, lighter, and thinner fonts in their websites. 

Courier, Baskerville, Didot, and Times New Roman are among the most popular Serif fonts in 2022. You can try different fonts once your website is ready and select the one that matches perfectly. 

  • Text & Image Overlap

Unlike the traditional neat and clean display, text and image overlap is becoming popular in the web development industry. This practice of adding overlapping texts and images helps maximize the content space on the web page.

Several leading art and fashion websites use this simple trick to show more details to visitors at a glance. But don’t follow this for your website if you are a consumer-based business or an ecommerce store.

Wrapping Up…

Whether you hire a web development company in New Jersey or any other major IT city in the US, don’t forget to check their web development portfolio and see if they have worked on something similar that you want. You can follow these fantastic trends to get a distinctive look for your website that helps you set yourself apart from the crowd and make you appear more professional and credible in your customer’s eyes. 

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