If you are a bollywood fan you can recollect that the scenes from Sholay were shot here in the surrounding hills. Ramanagara is a city in Karnataka and it is also considered as the headquarters for the Ramanagara district. This town, when ruled by Tippu Sultan was known as Shamserabad, later was also changed to Closepet. Other names for this place are silk city and silk town because of it’s sericulture. If you ever visit Ramanagara you will feel you are amidst nature. There are alot of places that one can visit when in Ramanagara and also do a lot of adventures.

Here’s a list of all the things you can do when you visit Ramanagara.


Ramanagara campingCamping at Ramanagara is an unavoidable thing if you visit Ramanagara. There are campsites near the hills and at the banks of the lake. The campsites offer a lot of activities such as kayaking, games, rain dance, rappelling, zip line and a lot more. You can experience staying in tents close to nature. Camping in Ramanagara is a must.


Night trek in Ramanagara – If you consider yourself as a night owl you have to give this night trek a chance. You can set up a camp and bonfire and enjoy the sky filled with stars. If you plan to make your night more adventurous then you should visit the SSR hills. At dawn one can enjoy the sunrise and click photographs during the golden hour.


Ramadevara Betta Hills – Widely known as the Sholay hills, they are located 3000 ft above the ground. These hills are also famous for spotting birds and other activities that take place. You can do rock climbing or trekking on these hills. One can visit the Ramadevara Temple located at the top of the hill accompanied by a pond at the top. And also there is a lotus pond on the way upstairs.


Channapatna –  This place is quite famously known as a toy town. This town sells distinctive wooden toys. You can see people carving toys out of wood on the roads.


Ramanagara Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary – Again a must-visit place as it has species of vultures that may be extinct soon. This sanctuary is spread across a huge area but you can still spot vultures in the entire area. This sanctuary was set up in 2012 and from that time 3 out of 9 species of vultures can be found. The timings of the sanctuary are usually from 9 AM to 5 PM. 


Mekedatu – In Kannada the meaning of Mekedatu is goat’s leap. The Kaveri river and the Arkavati river unite here. This place can bring your heart at ease. It is like heaven for trekkers due to the breathtaking surroundings. An activity that has gained popularity here is biking.


Ramanagara Silk Cocoon Market – This market is considered as one of the largest cocoon markets Asia has. These freshly grown cocoons by the farmers are sold at a rate of almost 50,000 kg per day. It is a two acre land where you can shop for silk artworks and also walk around to have a look at how the silk industry works. This place is open all day so you can visit anytime that you wish to.


Kanva Reservoir –  It is a lake made by man across a river which has turned into a tourist attraction. This was built for irrigation purposes but turned into a bird watching spot apart from being a tourist spot.


Rock climbing – Another adventure that can be done at Ramanagara is rock climbing which is done at the Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Betta Hills. You can also do rappelling and canoeing at this hill.


Janapada Loka – A campus where the rural habitat is recreated so that it stays alive. It acts as a platform for rural artisans to display their art. It is only shut on Tuesdays and special holidays.


There are a lot of things one can explore and enjoy at Ramanagara. If you plan on visiting this place make sure to do the adventure activities. Also don’t miss out on all the fun places which not only will help you in learning more about the culture but you will also have a great time.

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