Top universities to study medicine

Are you interested in studying medicine and making your career on that? However, a career in medicine is the oldest and most respected profession that students have been opting from the past several years. It is always better to consult with a study abroad consultant and decide after that. Students who study medicine will get the opportunity to make the prospective to impact human life. It is unique, and you will get unparallel job satisfaction from it. Medicine is not only a profession; it is truly a service where you will get the chance to serve others.

You will get a wide range of careers if you study medicine. There are nearly sixty specialities and opportunities to get involved with teaching, management and research, and the daily work will not be monotonous. The study abroad consultants in Delhi will make your expedition easier if you consult any of them. You will enjoy a career full of different kinds of practical and logical challenges.

Here we will discuss the name of the top universities to study medicines and hope it will make your journey easier.

Best Global Universities to Study Medicine

  • Harvard University

The University is the oldest institute of higher education in the United States. Twenty per cent of the student body is international here, among the bulk of total students. However, the University is located in Cambridge and has the facilities of Harvard Medical School, which is located in Boston. The University has the enormous endowment of any school in the world. It is famous for research, and the analysis of the University takes place crosswise a variety of disciplines in above one hundred centres. The University is made up of undergraduate colleges. The medical school of the University is associated with numerous teaching hospitals. The University’s academic calendar is semester-based, and English is the primary teaching language.

  • Johns Hopkins University

It is a private institution, and the school has campuses located around Baltimore and the Columbia district, along with Italy and China. The main campus of undergraduate students in the Homewood campus which is located in north Baltimore. English is the language of instruction here, and undergraduate students stay at the university housing for the first two years of study. The University’s graduate schools include the highly ranked School of Medicine, Nursing, and Education. Moreover, the University has a teaching hospital, ranked highly in many specialties. Undergraduate students may get involved in research with the support of a faculty sponsor. 

  • University of California

The university is located in Sun Francisco, famous as a public institution. It has a central focus on health sciences and facilities throughout the city. Moreover, it only offers graduate-level programs. The school has three Mission Bay, Parnassus and Mount Zion campuses. However, tuition costs are a little higher for non-California students. There, student housing is available for both California and non-California students. The language of instruction of the university is English. It offers graduate programs during UCSF Global Health Sciences, which is the arm of the university and has its focuses on international health issues. The medical centre of UCSF is one of the university’s teaching hospitals and has a high rank in several specialities. 

  • Stanford University

The university is located in the south part of San Francisco. It is in California’s Bay Area. Here fifty per cent of the student body studies at the graduate level. However, the university comprises seven schools, many of which are highly ranked for graduate-level studies. All three schools present both graduate and undergraduate degrees. The university’s academic calendar depends on the quarter system, and the language of instruction is English. Stanford University welcomes international students and offers housing for four years. It is mandatory for undergraduates who enter like first-year students, and more than ninety per cent of undergraduates live on campus.

There are many other options you can find out, and it is better to consult with the best US consultants in Delhi and go for the one most suitable for you. They will inform you about the fee structure and other necessary criteria even though you have to study hard if you are ready to study medicine. You will get plenty of time being undergraduate, and many people say it is the best time of their life. However, if you are interested in the course, contact Admissify today and enjoy their guidance the most. Connect them at +917086070045 today only.

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