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Indian festivals are known for their colourful celebration and traditions. It involves a lot of rituals because the country is culturally rich. It is impossible to find a festival that does not have vibrant energy. One of those festivals is Rakshabandhan. Indians are celebrating this festival all across the world and even sending rakhi to the USA to their long-distance brothers. But it is also necessary that you celebrate Raksha Bandhan with responsibility this time. Try to make it more sustainable so you can make others also responsible. There are many ways in which you can make this happen. Below we have shared some suggestions for celebrating a sustainable rakhi. 

Rakhi That Will Bring You Together

There are different types of Rakhi available in the market and you are buying the most beautiful ones for years. But this year with the intention of celebrating sustainable Rakhi you should try out something else. You can make the Rakhi yourself which can be personalized and even by using the residues of previous years. It also gives your siblings the sense of love that you created something for them with your own hands and without harming the environment or the ecosystem. 

Craft The Card Yourself

Buying beautiful cards for greetings has been a tradition for decades and centuries. But earlier we didn’t buy those cards but created them ourselves. Now it is time that you revive that dying tradition of creating greeting cards for your loved ones and fill it with a message that you want to send them. You don’t need to buy new items for that but use the old newspaper that is lying unused in your house and the stationary of your childhood which you haven’t touched in years. It is time that you bring all that out and start making the card. 

Simple Family Time

Of course these days people are planning various things for celebrating Rakhi with their siblings and the entire family. From holidays to weekend getaways all these plans are quite popular. But to make it more sustainable this time you should make it simpler. For example, you can enjoy a simple breakfast or dinner with the family on the terrace of your house. If not just make tea and sip it on your balcony with some delicious snacks and share laughter with the family. 

Thrift The Gift

We are putting the emphasis on creating something yourself whether it is Rakhi, a Card, or any kind of gift. But if you still want to buy something then go to thrift stores. It is the best option for your fashionista sibling who has a big love for fashion and clothes. Thrifting is considered a very responsible way of living sustainably and also for celebrating Rakhi with wonderful gifts. There are many options for thrifting as well and you can find almost new clothes which are not even worn much. Those clothes look as new as they can be. 

Show Your Care

Buying cards and gifts are amazing which shows your love for them but you should also show your care and concern to them with beautiful gestures. You can get them many things like essential oils, and skin and hair care products. Booking them a spa session or an event ticket is also a great idea. Plants are amazing and there are many indoor plants that demand the least care. Having plants helps people with their daily routine and mental calmness. You can also spend some time with the elders of the family and go on a cultural trip with them when they are reliving their old stories. Try playing the old games that you used to play earlier with the family. 

Just Do What You Like

After reading the entire blog it is clear that there can be many ways in which you can celebrate this festival of Rakhi with your family and that too sustainably. It is always a good idea if you’re celebrating the festival but responsibly. Spend some time with your family and recreate the past moments and experience the nostalgia with them. Buying thoughtful gifts and creating cards yourself will make this Rakhi even more special for you and your family. And if there is still doubt then you can check Floweraura’s rakhi collection


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