Ways to Increase Web Traffic and Revenue

There is no doubt that you’ve made the right choice in product and design. Now, all you have to do is find out how to attract visitors to your website so that sales begin to flow in.


This post will teach you all you need to know about boosting traffic to your store’s website, from social media to unconventional advertising methods. Listen to what professionals do to get more visitors to their sites. There are several website traffic checker tools that we’ll toss in as well.


Your Website Should Be Optimised For Search Engines


Your blog and online shop pages should be based on keywords that reflect your specialty while you’re just getting started. One or two core keywords are often used for each page. Focus on terms with less than 10,000 monthly searches in the beginning. After a few months of developing blog material and refining product pages, it’s time to move on to more extensive volume keywords.


Content Freshness Should Be Tested


SEO experts use content freshness as a technique to boost traffic to their websites. To keep your website’s material current, you’ll need to delete out-of-date portions and add new ones. It’s only a quick refresh of old stuff.

Product review apps like Stamped.io’s Product Review Addon make it easy to keep product page information current. Customers may then submit reviews on your product page, demonstrating to Google that the page is updated and new information is added regularly. The most famous customer comments may be turned into a line in your product description to keep your product pages “fresh.”


Develop A Network Of Backlinks.


SEO also relies heavily on backlinks. An external link is a signal to Google indicating that your site is trustworthy and related to the anchor text used (the clickable words). Visitors to such areas may choose to examine yours, which might lead to a sale.


Focus On Long-Tailed Keyword Phrases.


When doing keyword research, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for long-tail keyword prospects and shorter ones. Keywords with a narrower focus are more common. Consequently, there is less demand for their services, which means fewer competitors.

Add New Items And Material To Your Website Regularly.


It’s also a good idea to update your website’s content frequently, maybe even daily if feasible, as one of Google’s ranking criteria. It’s not only beneficial for SEO, but it’s also a fantastic idea. It also provides a cause for visitors to return to your site regularly.

Publish Unique Stuff On Your Website.

Create a blog, a free course, Slideshare presentations, webinars, and other related material for your site. To keep your readers engaged, post often and enable them to subscribe.


Easily Create And Distribute Quizzes


Using quizzes in your content marketing strategy is a great way to get new leads. LeadQuizzes users converted at a rate of 33.6% in 2016. Additionally, you’ll be able to sell to these people in the future thanks to their email addresses, as well as the information they provided in their quiz responses.


There are many strategies to generate visitors to your online business, from social media to in-person marketing and everything in between. You’ll only discover what works best for your business and consumers via trial and error (plus a bit of optimization). For more details, you can check out JDM Web Technologies services.

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