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It has been popular to incorporate animal motifs into jewelry for centuries. Once again, the trend has been in the spotlight in recent years. The 2022 fashion trend you need to get behind is animal jewelry, whether it’s rattlesnake rings or spider pendants.

The following post explains jewelry collections inspired by snake: ouroboros, viper and rattlesnakes. These motifs are embedded in every piece of jewelry that reflects their dominant characteristics.

It is well known that snakes are strong, courageous, and powerful. The snake jewelry collection includes rings, bracelets, and necklaces that keep these traits in mind.

Rattlesnakes have long been symbols of women’s fertility, representing wilderness and protection. The Necklace collection from Rattlesnake Tail conveys this message and emphasizes its importance to the brand.

Scorpions are considered scary, vicious, and spooky insects by westerners. Thus, a scorpion symbol represents self-confidence, competitiveness, and bravery. Exquisite craftsmanship meets power, myth, and elegance.

Then there are dog products that symbolize loyalty, strong family ties, intelligence, and understanding. Dogface bracelets represent strong family bonds and caring for one another. Dog jewelry symbolizes strength, togetherness, and love for the family when worn.

Material Types

This unique animal jewelry collection of silver and gold jewelry is unbeatable in quality. The luxurious collection is crafted by the finest in two finishing options: brass and 925 sterling silver. Additionally, you can choose between gold or silver, depending on your preference. 100% handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry is available in various styles.

Whether it’s rings or necklaces, the exquisite Coppertist Wu is sure to impress. With hints of silver, your style will instantly be elevated.

The collections include gemstones, luxurious materials like leather or chain, and silver and gold. These rings, bracelets, and pendants feature a variety of stones, including cubic zirconia, black diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby.

Chained, braided, beaded, and cuff bracelets are available in various materials for a casual look. Your outfit will be enhanced by stacking these bracelets with animal motifs.


Let’s start with bracelets. Men have been shying away from wearing bracelets for quite some time. But 2022 is the year that’s going to change everything. A bracelet with animal motifs reflects masculinity and boldness, elevating the overall look.

Ouroboros Bracelet is perfect for any casual day or super formal event in the Snake collection. It can also be plated with gunmetal to give it a rugged look in addition to gold and silver. A double snake bracelet is also available if you’re feeling love for snakes.

Ouroboros was a primordial cosmic creature described by Plato as self-devouring. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used it as a symbol of power. As it devours itself and rebirths from itself, it is depicted with its tail in its mouth. They represent the unity of all things material and spiritual that never disappear, an eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation. Beginnings are endings, and endings are beginnings again.

Ouroboros Bracelet

This silver or gold cuff has exquisite designs all over. Suitable for any occasion, this 100% handmade jewelry piece is the perfect gift. This charm bracelet is made of brass and is also available in sterling silver 925. It is easy to wear with the openable ring. Make sure you choose the correct size. Adding your spirit animal to your style is one of the easiest things you can do.


The Snake Ring has been worn on the fingers of royals and the upper classes for centuries. In the 20th century, it seemed like tradition had died, but here are some statement rings for you.

A piece of jewelry that reflects power and confidence, the Viper Ring looks like a huge chunk of jewelry. Featuring a viper wrapped around a ring, with the Coppertist logo carved on top, it is available in silver. Silver gold will complement a formal look, while silver can be worn casually.

The ring is best to buy for those who want to add something bold and classy to their wardrobe. A calm viper appears on the exquisite square ring. There’s nothing but power in this ring, which goes well with every look.

Snake Ring


Millennials have avoided necklaces for a long time. There was a time when rappers wore only necklaces. Take your trendy game to the next level with chunky key chains or statement pendants.
Why not start with something brave and noble? Featuring a realistic representation of a scorpion’s tail in fight mode, the Scorpion Tail Pendant is sure to catch your eye! With both brass and silver options, it’s perfect for any taste or sense of style. Putting a lot of effort into the design, it needs to be a bold and eye-catching accent piece. The tail moves for your handling pleasure, making it fun and fashionable.

Moreover, depending on your needs, you can use it as a keychain and a pendant. When you’re out on the town, picture yourself with the silver scorpion pendant hanging impressively around your neck. Any occasion would be perfect with this accessory.

Adding this scorpion pendant to your wardrobe will add a touch of elegance to your look. Animal/nature lovers, look no further if you’re looking for a new product to complete your current look. A statement piece, you won’t find it everywhere. To its credit, it’s also a wearable piece of art that’s sure to bring joy to its wearer. In addition to being a high-quality piece at a fair price, it’s also a high-quality item at a fair price. You can pair this pendant with a similar chain or a beaded one according to your style.

Rattlesnake Tail Pendant is next on the list. It’s classic, stylish, and of course, impressive. With the rattlesnake as our inspiration, they have created this beautiful pendant. It is possible to move the links in the snake’s tail, which produces the sound of a rattlesnake when they collide.

This Rattlesnake Pendant was handcrafted from high-quality brass with both practicality and aesthetics. This accessory will surely bring joy to the wearer whenever worn. Whether you’re planning to Buy Animal Jewelry for yourself or for a reptile lover in your life, it’s the perfect gift!

Rattlesnake Tail Pendant


Since jewelry trends emerged, they have defined fashion norms for women. According to the latest trends, men are also adopting the same look. To revolutionize your styling game, choose any jewelry from the collection.

Browse our collection of snakes, scorpions, tigers, and dogs to find some of the most elegant pieces you have ever seen. Make your style stand out with a piece of jewelry to look like a million bucks.

What Animal Motifs in Jewelry Mean and Why They Are Important?
Article Name
What Animal Motifs in Jewelry Mean and Why They Are Important?
The following post explains jewelry collections inspired by snake: ouroboros, viper and rattlesnakes. These motifs are embedded in every piece of jewelry that reflects their dominant characteristics.

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