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Aircon are crucial in Singapore, especially during the hardcore summer times. When it’s sweltering outside, a well-serviced air conditioner helps you feel cool. But eventually, these devices will stop working and break down and will require professional air conditioner repair Singapore.

However, by performing straightforward tasks like changing filters or clearing dirt from the coils, many AC issues may be fixed. However, if you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, there are other situations when you will want expert assistance with your AC. After that, let’s look at nine typical AC issues and potential fixes.

The device won’t turn on:

This is a major issue if the AC unit won’t turn on. In many situations, this is caused by the unit not receiving enough power. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker might be to blame for this.

The only thing you’ll need to do if this is the issue is to swap out the blown fuse. Other potential causes for this include faulty wiring, a thermostat problem, etc.

Now, you might think that there’s a hidden Aircon technician in you, but unless you are 100% sure, we would suggest you let the best aircon repair services take over.

Thermostat problems:

Next, the thermostat may malfunctioning. Therefore, if this is the case, your air conditioner will probably not switch on. Try lowering the temperature as much as you can to see if it helps.

If it doesn’t, though, you should get in touch with an AC professional.

They will assist in identifying the problem with the thermostat and either fix it or replace it. Unfortunately, calibration problems are common with many of the older dial regulators. However, the most recent programmable thermostats are also difficult to program. So before attempting to program it, make sure you read the documentation.

The system is failing to adequately chill the space:

When troubleshooting your air conditioner, several problems might make it cease cooling or operate badly. For instance, a malfunctioning component or even a refrigerant shortage in the air conditioner might be to blame. Once the system’s refrigerant levels are too low, it won’t be able to effectively chill a space. Therefore, the unit is either undercharged or has a refrigerant leak.

When you turn on your air conditioner and see that it isn’t chilling as well as it once did or that the air being emitted doesn’t smell wonderful, the low refrigerant may be the cause of the issue. The humidity in the room cannot be eliminated if the unit does not have enough refrigerant. To chill the air, refrigerant is also required.

Your air conditioner probably has additional problems if the refrigerant level is low. Therefore, merely adding more solutions or refrigerants won’t always solve the problem. There are deeper issues if your car constantly needs oil changes.

The Same idea applies to air conditioners. A leak must be present for a unit to be low on refrigerant. To locate and rectify the leak, you must thus engage a qualified AC repair specialist. It would be preferable to acquire a new unit if there are too many leaks.

AC system leaks water:

Water seeping from the AC unit is another extremely prevalent issue that owners often encounter. The causes of this might vary, but the drainage line being clogged is a common culprit. The drain’s purpose is to eliminate any water or moisture left over from the air conditioner.

Therefore, if the drain becomes blocked, the pan will overflow as a result, and the water will then leak back into the system, damaging it. The subsequent property damage brought on by these water leaks can result in even worse issues. As a consequence, whenever you are troubleshooting, you should constantly pay attention to your drainage line and examine it.

Condenser-related problems:

The condenser in air conditioning units is crucial. It is essential for removing the heat from your house and releasing it outside. So, if your unit is acting up, you should pay close attention to the condenser coils. Please be aware that the coils on your air conditioner are outside. As a result of being exposed to the elements, it is more prone to become unclean.

You will frequently discover that it is rather soiled and unclean. Therefore, the more problems this coil has transporting heat, the dirtier it gets. This will greatly reduce the efficiency of the entire unit. So, frequent condenser cleaning is required to address this problem.

Unquiet fan:

For the air to be cooled, the fan must blow air over the evaporator coils. Moving the heat from the interior of the house to the outdoors will also require a condenser. Thus, each unit will have two fans as a result. Usually, the engine and the fans are both the source of the noise.

Usually, dirt buildup is what causes this noise. Even worn-out belts and bearings might be to blame. So, call an HVAC specialist right away and learn about the aircon chemical cleaning price if you hear any unusual noises. To prevent further harm to the device, you should also turn it off.

AC brief cycling or frequent shutdowns:

This is when the air conditioner shuts off immediately after turning on or after operating for 15 minutes. Short cycling is most likely the result of an issue with your ac system. Before it does more harm, this has to be rectified as soon as possible.

Frequently, this is the result of shoddy wiring or installation. There may also be a need to change the thermostat. Without professional knowledge, fixing this problem is not an easy task. An AC specialist should thus take care of the problem for you.

Troubleshooting the evaporator:

The evaporator of the air conditioning unit should also be examined. After all, the evaporator coil may be the cause of your AC issue. You should inspect the evaporator coils if you notice that the air being ejected from your unit is unusually warm.

Given that evaporator coils contain refrigerant to maintain heat, you can have frozen coils. The coil frequently gets ice all around it. Thus, the device will blast heated air as this accumulates over time. Low amounts of refrigerant, a clogged air filter, and other factors may also contribute to this.

Ducts that leak or are filthy:

There isn’t enough airflow through the duct if your air conditioner is cooling unevenly or some portions of the room are getting colder than others. This is not rare and occurs pretty frequently. This may occur when the duct tears as a result of shoddy construction, or it may even be brought on by a rodent.

To move air from the system and into the room to reduce the temperature, an air duct is required. The chilled air will thus not enter the room if there are any tears since they would be lost. Your air conditioner becomes quite ineffective as a result.

Your power usage for cooling may increase as a result, increasing your electricity costs. Therefore, whenever you’re trying to fix your air conditioning, always completely examine your ducts to avoid this.


The best aircon servicing can help if you are coping with any of the nine issues mentioned above. The most skilled AC professionals and technicians on their team can swiftly and efficiently address the issues mentioned above as well as additional issues.

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