Open Bite

Bad habits or particular skeletal characteristics can lead to an open bite. This is a condition that causes the mouth to not close properly.

It is important to correct it immediately with orthodontics. Although it is cosmetic, it can also cause problems in swallowing, posture, and swallowing.

What is an open bite?

The open bit is a common malocclusion. Technically, it’s called “vertical”. What is malocclusion? Malocclusion is the incorrect closing of the teeth. The specific case of an open bite is when the anterior teeth from the lower and upper arches don’t touch each other, creating an unnatural space.

Three different manifestations can be identified depending on the area of the mouth affected.

  • Anterior Open Bite: This refers to the front teeth. The incisors don’t overlap as they should.
  • Posterior Open Bite: When the front teeth are correctly positioned, the back teeth remain in contact with each other.
  • Lateral Open Bite: The lack of closure can affect the teeth on either the left or right side.


The causes of open bites

This defect could be caused by bad or uncorrected habits from childhood. According to pediatric dentistry London Ontario specialists, Anterior open bite is a condition in which children have been allowed to use the Pacifier (or the Finger in the mouth).

This vice can cause skeletal system changes in the area and prevent teeth from growing in their natural positions during a sensitive phase of development.

If we don’t intervene quickly, the defect can crystallize and make it more difficult to fix. Similar results can be expected if the tongue presses too hard on the front teeth and pushes them out.

However, the open bite’s roots are located in a specific skeletal conformation. This could be due to genetic factors and not external influences. However, even in this situation, it is easier to overcome the obstacle through early intervention.

The open bite and its consequences: aesthetics, swallowing habits, language, posture, and language.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about an open bite is to classify it as a cosmetic defect. The front one is the most visible and disrupts harmony.

Protruding teeth and lips that are difficult to close. However, the “beauty of the face” is only one thing that can be affected. Health is an even more important aspect. An open bite can be defined as:

  • Do not swallow: You can get sick.
  • Phonetic and/or language difficulties (to the point where a speech therapist is required to intervene);
  • Postural problems: The body’s center moves forward and the shoulder blades slide forward. This causes discomfort in the lumbar area.

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Correct open bites with the appliance

Orthodontics is required to correct an open bite. The patient’s needs must be considered when choosing an orthodontic treatment. Is it necessary to have a fixed appliance? Or can a mobile one be used? What is the duration of treatment? How long will the treatment last?

These are difficult questions to answer because of the severity of the case and the patient’s age. It is easy to correct an open bite in a child while they are still developing ( interceptive orthotics ), but it is much more difficult to do so on an adult who has reached 20 ( adult Orthotics).

It is possible to use the transparent orthodontic appliance for the treatment of open bites. This is a popular choice among adults, as it is discreet and effective.

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