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We see that thousands of Muslims perform Umrah every year. They dressed in Ihram for performing Umrah in Mecca. Pilgrims make Tawaf with love and faith in their hearts. Furthermore, they perform Sai between the hills of Safa and Marwa. In short, Muslims perform the Umrah Packages by completing its all rituals. Many of the pilgrims arise the question that why should we perform the Umrah journey. Then I decided to let you people know why we perform Umrah. They avail of the Umrah packages 2022 and perform Umrah.

There are many reasons behind performing Umrah. First of all, we know that it is the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. We become the guests of Allah Almighty and all of our sins are removed after the completion of Umrah. Furthermore, it is a minor or lesser pilgrimage. We get benefits before and after performing Umrah. Eiman Travels gives you the best Umrah packages.

6 Blessed Reasons For Performing Umrah

As there is a reason behind everything. Similarly, there are some reasons behind performing Umrah. We must know about these reasons when we are going to perform Umrah. Let us put a detailed view on these reasons.

Umrah Is A Voluntary Pilgrimage

After Hajj, Umrah is the lesser pilgrimage in Islam. The people who are not financially stable to perform Hajj can perform Umrah. It is not obligatory like Hajj but it is a recommendation for Muslims to perform Umrah. They can perform it by their own choice. But Umrah is also important in the lives of Muslims. It provides them with spirituality and purity.

Muslims keenly perform Umrah and find it a golden chance when they get opportunity to perform Umrah. They eagerly get the opportunities like Group Umrah packages given by Eiman Travels. Umrah is no lesser but its rituals are shorter than Hajj. There are a few rituals for performing Umrah and these rituals are very easier to perform as compared to Hajj. These rituals are given below:

  • Ihram
  • Tawaf
  • Sa’i
  • Halq

You can go to perform Umrah at the House of Allah Almighty at any time of the year. You will find peace and refuge in the House of Allah Almighty when we go t perform Umrah or Hajj.

Umrah Is The Sunnah Of Our Holy Prophet PBUH

We perform Umrah in remembrance of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. It is because the performance of Umrah is the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. He performed Umrah three times in his lifetime. These three Umrahs were performed over a gap of three years. This gap was between 629 CE to 632 CE. On the other hand, He performed Hajj only one time in his lifetime in 632 CE.

When Holy Prophet PBUH performed Umrah for the first time, there were 2000 companions with him. This first Umrah was followed by the conquest of Mecca. This conquest occurred in 629 CE. Holy Prophet PBUH and his companions on the Umrah journey stayed inside Masjid-Al-Haram for three days in their first Umrah. But now when the pilgrims enter Mecca to perform Umrah they complete the rituals of Umrah in just a few hours. Holy Prophet PBUH performed his second Umrah one year after Hudaibiyah. The time for the third Umrah was after the battle of hunain. The fourth and last Umrah was the farewell pilgrimage of the Holy Prophet PBUH. Perform Umrah with Umrah packages of Eiman Travels.

Umrah Is A Great Worship Of Allah Almighty

Umrah is a great worship of Allah Almighty. It is a form of the rite. When Muslims perform Umrah they produce obedience and purity. They submit themselves to Allah Almighty for the pleasure of Allah Almighty. Pilgrims perform Niyyah and west Ihram in Masjid e Ayesha and they submit themselves to Allah Almighty. There are five expressions of Ibadah in Islam. These five expressions are the following:

  • Shahadah which is the testimony of Faith
  • Prayers five times a day
  • Giving alms to the deserving people
  • Fasting for the pleasure of Allah Almighty
  • Pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah

These five acts are the obligatory acts that Muslims have to perform and Umrah is one of them. The practice of Umrah brings us closer to Allah Almighty. Make your closeness with Allah Almighty by availing of Umrah packages of Eiman Travels.

You Become The Guest Of Allah Almighty

One of the blessed reasons why pilgrims perform Umrah is that they become the guest of Allah Almighty. When you enter Mecca to perform Umrah, you consider yourself the guest of Allah Almighty. Just imagine that you become the guest of Allah Almighty who is the creator of the whole universe. How lucky you are to avail this opportunity. So don’t water your time and get the Umrah package given by Eiman Travels.

Allah Almighty considered three persons in the form of his guests. The first one is Ghazi who fights in Jihad. The second one is the person who performs Hajj and the third one is the person who performs Umrah. A person who performs Umrah is the Mutamir. Umrah is the lesser pilgrimage that gives you the honor to become the guest of Allah Almighty. In my opinion, it is the greatest benefit of performing the pilgrimage of Umrah. By getting any of the Umrah packages, you can become a guest of Allah Almighty at a very low cost.

Umrah Lessens The Poverty Of The Pilgrims

Another blessed reason why Muslims perform Umrah is that by performing Umrah, Muslims lessen their poverty. Some people believe that if it cost too much to perform Umrah then it will lessen your money but the actual thing is that your poverty lessens when you perform Umrah. Umrah’s journey gives you this golden chance in your life that your poverty and sins will rove just like impurities are removed from the iron.

We can say that the best reward that we get from Allah Almighty by performing Umrah. It is a fact that no one wants to stay in poverty and everyone wants to spend their lives at ease. Muslims can eliminate this unwanted state of poverty by performing Umrah. Get and avail of Umrah packages by Eiman Travels to eliminate your poverty and sins.

Umrah Makes You Feel Very Close To Allah Almighty

When Muslims need to feel very close to Allah Almighty, they go to perform Umrah.  You will feel incredible when you perform the Umrah journey. Muslims feel very excited when they prepare for Umrah. They experience visiting the Holy Kaaba and the majestic mosque as well. Pilgrims will acknowledge Allah Almighty in your prayers. This closeness with Allah Almighty is very deep and more than the closeness that you feel when you offer prayers at your home. Avail of the Umrah packages of Eiman Travels and visit the Holy Kaaba and majestic mosque.


In short, these are the reasons that you should perform Umrah. The Umrah journey is the sacred journey in which you become close to Allah Almighty. Moreover, Allah Almighty makes you His guests. There is no other bigger opportunity than this opportunity you become the guest of Allah Almighty. It helps you remove your sins along with poverty. Once, you read this article, you will be in a hurry that when to perform Umrah. So, don’t be late and get the Umrah packages for performing Umrah as soon as possible. We wish you a stroke of good luck.

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