Nanoplasty is a cutting-edge technique for permanently straightening hair. The procedure is quite popular worldwide. It is important to understand what it is, how it varies from conventional keratin treatments, and who can do it.

The technique of Nanoplasty permanently straightens any kind of hair. This technique, unlike creative hair straightening, is applicable to all hair types, including wavy, curly, and coily hair. How could this be? During the treatment, active ingredients are injected into the hair.

It alters their form. Nanoplastic hair is completely smooth and straight. The results are instantly visible after therapy. The hair seems wonderful, much more so than after a keratin treatment.

Comparison of Keratin and Nanoplasty

The primary goal of keratin hair straightening is regeneration and smoothness. The impact of straightening is really a secondary effect. The opposite is true for nanoplasty. In addition to straightening all hair types, the treatment provides lustre, nourishment, and smoothness. It is the ideal choice for ladies who have not had success with previous therapies.

Any kind of hair may be permanently straightened using the Nanoplasty procedure. Unlike creative hair straightening, this procedure is suited to all hair types, including curly, wavy, and coily hair.

How might this occur? Active substances are injected into the hair during the therapy. It changes their shape. Nanoplastic hair is entirely straight and absolutely smooth. After treatment, the effects are immediately obvious. Compared to following a keratin treatment, the hair looks much better.

In addition, nanoplasty chemicals do not include formaldehydes. They are substituted by glyoxylic acid, cysteine, and acetic acid. Due to this, the treatment is perfectly safe and may be performed by anybody, even pregnant women (though it is preferable to visit a physician first).

What is the nanoplasty procedure?

The treatment takes between 3 and 6 hours. Both the stylist and customer must possess considerable patience however try to get an idea of keratin treatment price in hyderabad to be aware of the market.

This is how the procedure unfolds:

We begin with a typical wash, but we do not apply any nutrients or cosmetics.

Instead of applying conditioner to damp hair, we begin by applying a specific nanoplasty combination to the roots. Then, a cap was placed for 60 minutes.

After one hour, the formula is removed with water. Then, we dry hair.

We proceed to straighten the hair. We employ a unique instrument. The hair should be smoothed anywhere from five to ten times (depends on its condition).

5.Finally, we apply a nutritious mask and re-wash the client’s hair with a gentle shampoo. The consumer is then prepared to go!

best keratin treatment in hyderabad experts say that you cannot colour your hair after nanoplasty. You should wait at least 5 days. At least !

Conclusion on Nanoplasty

The cutting-edge treatment for permanently straightening hair is nanoplasty. The method is quite popular internationally. It is essential to comprehend what it is, how it differs from traditional keratin treatments, and who can do it. Not everybody can do it well.

Also, regeneration and smoothness are the key purposes of keratin hair straightening. In reality, the effect of straightening is secondary. Contrary is true for nanoplasty. The treatment delivers lustre, nutrition, and smoothness in addition to straightening all hair types. It is suitable for women who have had no success with earlier treatments.

The Nanoplasty procedure permanently straightens all types of hair. This procedure is appropriate to all hair types, including wavy, curly, and coily hair, unlike creative hair straightening. yes!

How is this possible? During the procedure, the hair is infused with active substances. It modifies their shape. Nanoplastic hair is perfectly straight and silky. The outcomes of treatment are immediately obvious. The hair looks far better than following a keratin treatment. Check out at home nanoplasty kit by BKT here.

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