Why Your Nails Stop Growing

As every woman loves long nails. They always try to gain longer nails. Especially for the bride, they desire long and strong claws to do beautiful nail art on their big day.

Before reading I want to clear we are not talking about solar nails if you want to get information about solar nails then we already write an article on what are solar Nails go and read it to get information about it.

But what if your nails stop growing or do not grow as fast to achieve the desired nail length. Have you ever thought about why your nails have stopped growing, or What is the reason behind this?

Then let me tell you some reasons for this; stress is the main factor behind this. It adversely affects your nails and stops them from growing.

But there are other reasons like illness, fever, injury, or even chemotherapy that can cause your nails to stop their growth. Conversely, these reasons can cause your nails to control their growth temporarily.

Here are some other reasons why your nails stop growing

Inappropriate Diet

The main reason behind this is this inappropriate diet, which can temporarily stop their growth. Instead, you should add more protein to your diet, so if your nails are not growing, it will help them grow.

Beans, oats, sunflower seeds, and eggs are high in protein. This will help your nails grow faster, and it will also help your hair grow faster.

You should also add a vitamin supplement to your diet or take biotin supplements. It will also help your nails and hair to grow faster.

Nails Biting

If you have a habit of nail-biting, then stop biting them. Your nail-biting habit is destroying your nails very badly. This is one of the main reasons why your nails stop growing.

Don’t bite your nails; let them grow. Because it will make your nails shorter and thinner, and your nails lose the tendency of increasing.


The nail polish remover you are using has a high chemical, like acetone. These are very strong chemicals that instantly dry out your nails.

Stop using these chemicals on your nails as this will stop the nail growth and cause a problem of discoloration in your nails. It can also turn your nails into pale or yellow color.

Let them breathe

If you are a person who loves nail polishes and always color your nail with them, then you are making a big mistake. Stop doing this. Let your nails breathe.

Do not always cover your nails with nails polishes. It seriously damages your nails. You get chipped nails prone to breakage, as it will also stop your nails from growing.

Discoloration in nails also arises due to the constant use of nail polishes. It would help if you used nail polishes only on special occasions. Until then, enjoy your natural nails.

Do not buy bad-quality nail products.

Never buy cheap nail polishes or nail polish remover for your nails. As they contain many harmful chemicals in it that directly affect your nails.

These little bottles have many hazardous chemicals in them, so always buy your nail product from a renowned company. Also, try to purchase vitamin enrich nail polishes.

Household Chore

This is also one of the main reasons why your nails stop growing. Always wear plastic gloves before doing household chores. This will protect you from damaging your nails and also prevent breakage.

After this, always use any nail oil (any oil you prefer to use) to strengthen your nails.


Avoid using harsh chemicals on nails like strong nail removers or cheap nail polishes.

Use gloves while doing household chores.

Try to avoid frequent use of nail polishes as this will damage them. Let your nails breathe, and this will also do discoloration your nails.

Don’t do nail-biting. This surely reduces the tendency of nails to grow.

If you don’t foil your nails in a particular technique, this will also stop your nails from growing.

Try to avoid nail acrylics as much as possible because this will also damage your nails.

You can also take some supplements to grow your nails faster.

You can also do some home remedies on your nail to grow them faster. Use coconut oil olive oil on your nails; this will strengthen them.


If you notice that your nail is not growing well or has stopped growing, then your nails might need your attention. If required, consult a doctor. But also take a proper diet along with some supplements, and do some home remedies to grow your nails fast.

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