Top  Stocks Under  Rs 100  in India

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd


Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited caters to financially unserved and underserved segments and committed to building financial inclusion in the country

IDFC First Bank Ltd


IDFC First Bank is engaged in the business of Banking Services.  IDFC FIRST Bank is the first and only bank in India that offers Zero fees for 28 essential services on savings accounts including for ATM cash withdrawals etc.



Idbi Bank is involved in the business activities of Monetary intermediation of commercial banks, saving banks. postal savings bank and discount houses.

Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd


Shree Renuka Sugars is a global agribusiness and bio-energy corporation. The Company is one of the largest sugar producers in the world, the leading manufacturer of sugar in India, and one of the largest sugar refiners in the world.

Tarmat Ltd


Tarmat Ltd is an infrastructure development company that specializes in the construction of runways, highways, airfields, parking bays, aprons, taxiways, etc.


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